Desperate Housewives Stars “Sad,” “Emotional” Over Show’s End

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Waterworks on Wisteria Lane!

When news broke Sunday that Desperate Housewives' eighth upcoming season would be its last, star Felicity Huffman got teary-eyed.

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"I was so sad," Huffman, 48, told Us Weekly at Sunday's TV Critics' Association all-star bash at the Beverly Hilton. The actress first heard about the end of her prime-time soap via email from costar Marcia Cross — followed by a call from series creator Marc Cherry. Then, on set, "Everybody got quiet and they made the announcement. And it was sad. Sad!..I cried a little bit."

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But Huffman added that, with the end of the show in sight, "all bets are off" for the show's over-the-top plots. "Anything can happen! People can die! It's so great to bust the lid open."

She's not sure, just yet, how to ensure a satisfying final episode. "I think it's really hard to do a final episode…people were outraged by The Sopranos, and they didn't like the Seinfeld ending and I think they were kinda blah about the Friends ending."

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Added her costar Cross, 49, also at Sunday's TCA bash: "There's relief and then there's, you know, sadness," Cross told Us. "I think it's the right thing…but it doesn't make it any easier to leave my trailer, or say goodbye in the end. or shoot our last episode. And I'm such a wuss, I'm really very emotional, so I think it will be hard…It's gonna take a long time to process this."

Cross wasn't shocked by the news. "I felt like it was coming, but that doesn't make the emotions of it any easier, even though I feel like it's right. And that it will be done well."

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Series creator Cherry explained in a Sunday panel how he broke the news to the show's cast, which also includes Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Williams and others. "It was actually bittersweet and lovely, because the women knew it was a possibility, but they didn't know, so there was a touch of shock with everyone I spoke…People said some very nice things to me about how I changed their lives and I said it right back to them. They're family. I love my cast."

Why end the show now? "I wanted to go out while the network still saw us as a viable show, while we were still doing well in the ratings and we were still a force to be contended with," Cherry explained. "I wanted to go out in the classiest way possible."

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