‘Game of Thrones’ Star Surprises Leslie Jones on ‘Late Night’ and It Is Hilarious!

Leslie Jones got the surprise every Game of Thrones fan can only dream of. During her latest segment of “Game of Jones” on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian was surprised by Conleth Hill — who plays Lord Varys in the HBO series — and her reaction was priceless.

When Varys appeared during a scene in GoT, Meyers asked the Saturday Night Live star how she felt about the character. “Where do you stand on Varys?” the TV host asked.

“Varys is like the girlfriend that you don’t know if she is really your homegirl or not, because one minute she is supporting you and got your back but then the next minute you hear about some bulls—t she said to somebody else about you,” Jones said.

Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones

That’s when the actor came into the room and she jumped up from the couch and ran into his arms.

“What were you saying about me?” Hill said in the clip.

The Saturday Night Live cast member said, “I was saying you can’t trust your ass!”

‘Game of Thrones’ star Conleth Hill, Leslie Jones, and Seth Meyers
‘Game of Thrones’ star Conleth Hill, Leslie Jones, and Seth Meyers

After the surprise, both actors got to watch season 7 episode four, titled “The Spoils of War,” for the first time together and it made for great television. The episode shocked fans everywhere, and their reactions were no different. The trio continued watching the show and during an explosive scene, Jones yelled, “GOT don’t let you down, son!”

Jones is known to live-tweet her hilarious reactions to the series as it airs, so they have turned their viewing parties for each episode into their own segment on Late Night. And this video proves it was a brilliant idea.

Watch the hilarious moment in the video above.

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