‘Grand Hotel’ Finale: What Really Happened to Sky — Plus, Who Shot [Spoiler]?

Grand Hotel Finale Reveals What Really Happened to Sky
Arielle Kebbel on ‘Grand Hotel’. ABC

The secret is finally out … and a new one has arrived. The Monday, September 9, finale of Grand Hotel revealed all the answers about what really happened to Sky (Arielle Kebbel) during the hurricane.

While dating Yoli, Sky apparently found Beatriz’s letter in Gigi’s jewelry safe. When Gigi snapped about something being missing from her safe, Yoli assumed it was jewelry and that Sky had used her to get her mom’s money. She told Sky she couldn’t trust her; she then told Danny and Alicia that Sky was probably off spending the money somewhere. Of course, Danny knew that wasn’t the case.

Timing was perfect: Someone turned Sky’s phone into lost and found at the hotel. On it was a voice memo that recorded Sky and Gigi’s last conversation. Sky said she wouldn’t give back the letter — which revealed Jason was Santiago’s son — unless she paid her. However, she couldn’t get money without telling Santiago.

That night, Gigi went to Helen Parker; apparently Gigi had shared the letter with her. With that, Helen turned off Sky’s key card to ensure she stayed in the building and Gigi told Santiago she needed to take care of Sky because she was trying to flee the building with her jewels.

Grand Hotel Finale Reveals What Really Happened to Sky
‘Grand Hotel’. ABC

When Santiago later found security footage of Danny, he went off to find him. He found him questioning his wife and holding a knife. However, he was only holding the knife because Gigi pulled it on him. Quickly — before Santiago could kill Danny — Gigi revealed that Danny was Sky’s brother. With that, Gigi also revealed she didn’t kill Sky; she just let Santiago think that.

So, who did kill Sky? The night of the hurricane, Malcolm heard his wife talking to Gigi and found out about Jason. He chased Gigi chasing Sky outside in the hurricane. Gigi pulled a gun on Sky; Sky wrestled it away from her and pointed it in her direction. To save Gigi, Malcolm hit Sky over the head with a wooden board, which killed her.

Danny told Malcolm what he knew, while Alicia told Helen that she was the reason her mother was dead. Danny agreed not to tell anyone about what happened, since Jason was such a good friend. After, Malcolm told Helen he already knew and that Jason was still his son.

Soon after, Malcolm died and Jason giving the eulogy. At the bar, Javi cozied up to his new lady — who happened to be Ingrid’s mother. So, Ingrid left the bar with Mateo, who was fired.

One duo seemingly got a happy ending: Danny and Alicia made out on the beach after he officially said goodbye to Sky.

In the final moments, a shirtless Mateo got out of bed to make “one more mistake.” Santiago told Gigi he needed to change his will and couldn’t see how they could get past this. Then, he told Helen he wanted to come downstairs to talk in person about telling Jason the truth — something she didn’t want.

As he walked downstairs, a shadow in the dark shot and seemingly killed Santiago. And everyone has a motive.

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