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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith, Alex, and Richard Get Fired After Her Insurance Fraud Scandal

Grey's Anatomy Recap James Pickens Jr., Justin Chambers, and Ellen Pompeo
James Pickens Jr., Justin Chambers, and Ellen Pompeo during an episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.'ABC/Jessica Brooks

Making it through the fog. After DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) took the blame for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) committing insurance fraud in order to help a patient, she needed to make the situation right on the Thursday, May 16, Grey’s Anatomy season finale. But will that mean giving up everything, including her career and her kids?

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Once Meredith and Alex (Justin Chambers) found out that DeLuca was off to jail, they were left to figure out what to do next — and in the meantime, she needed to fill him in on Jo (Camilla Luddington), who finally opened up to her about what happened when she went to meet her biological mom in person.

It was hard for Alex to hear what Jo had gone through, but Meredith told him that Jo had agreed to get help, because what she needed was more than the support that either of them could offer her.

But once they had Jo’s situation handled, Meredith was gone — and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) came to find Alex to tell him that they needed to talk about something involving her. They both found Meredith in a conference room with Bailey and Catherine (Debbie Allen), confessing that it was really her behind the fraud, but Richard ran in just in time to tell her that he, Meredith, and Alex had all been involved, so what could she do about it?

Grey's Anatomy Recap Chandra Wilson and Debbie Allen
Chandra Wilson and Debbie Allen during an episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ ABC/Jessica Brooks

“What can I do? You’re fired,” Bailey said. “All three of you. You’re fired.”

Back at her house, Meredith told her children that she had to go take care of something very important, but she would be back — and in the meantime, Alex, Amelia, and Maggie would be there to take care of them.

She went to the jail to see DeLuca, telling him that taking the fall was a stupid thing to do, and that she needed to clean up her own messes, because she stands by the decision she made to make sure her patient got care.

“As much as this terrifies me, I love you too,” Meredith said.

Trapped in The Fog

Owen (Kevin McKidd) is trapped in a massive traffic jam caused by the fog, along with a blood donor with a rare blood type who is the only one to help a patient at the hospital. There are injuries and crashed vehicles all around them, but Owen is still determined to get the donor there to save Gus’ life, no matter what it takes. He was finally able to get out with the help of an ambulance, but he wasn’t the only doctor stuck in the fog that day.

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After spending the end of their camping trip arguing, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) ended up trapped in the remaining wreckage from the earlier pile-up, and Jackson disappeared to get help.

Finally, Maggie got tired of waiting for him to get back, and got out of the car to find him herself, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Teddy’s Baby Is Finally Here

With Teddy (Kim Raver) in labor, she and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are planning to head to the hospital, where Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is expecting them. But on the way in, they got stuck in traffic, thanks to the pileup caused by the accident. Fortunately, they found a cop who was able to give them a ride to the hospital, and they managed to get there before she gave birth — but not before Amelia spilled the beans about Owen sleeping with Katerina in the past, who was currently Teddy’s OB.

But as Teddy was giving birth to their baby, Owen confessed his love for her, telling her that he had always been in love with her. Their baby girl came into the world, and right away, they knew her name: Allison.

Meanwhile, back at Teddy’s apartment, Koracick (Greg Germann) continued to put together a crib, totally oblivious to everything that happened.

Jo Makes a Breakthrough

Although Jo had come to the hospital to tell Bailey she needed to take a leave of absence to take care of her mental health, the injuries caused by the fog meant that the ER was full, and when Bailey asked her to work, she decided she could handle it. And when Gus’ blood donor arrived at the hospital, terrified to donate her blood, Jo was the one who handled it.

And it was because of Jo helping her through the scary situation that she was able to come out on the other side of it, sitting drinking juice and eating cookies and realizing that it was just fine.

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“There’s something about walking through your fears, actually going through the worst thing that you can imagine happening to you, that’s oddly freeing,” she told Jo.

Jo was able to rush the donated blood to Gus just in time, and she apologized to Alex for everything they’d been through, and Alex promised they’d talk to Bailey and get her the help she needs.

Alex helped Jo check into inpatient psychiatry at the hospital, and Bailey told him that although she’d need medication and therapy to treat her depression, she’d be fine eventually — but she was incredibly disappointed that she had to fire him the same day.

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