‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Six Most Shocking Moments — Alex Is Back After Meredith’s Efforts!

They're back in action. After Grey’s Anatomys season 6 premiere only focused on Jo, Arizona and Bailey, the show returned on Thursday, February 2, to bring back other major characters and (finally) start to answer some questions. You know, like, did Amelia leave Owen? Is Alex going to jail for life? Just minor things, right? Watch all the highlights in the video above, and read on for the episode’s six most shocking moments:

1. No one knew if Alex turned himself in.

The episode started with Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) trying to find out if Alex (Justin Chambers) actually went to the district attorney to turn himself in for beating up DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). They spent a few minutes looking for his case number to try to track him down. When Meredith recalled that Alex once sent her the number in an email, Maggie offered up the bright idea of the day and suggested Meredith “try the search box” on her email.

Unsurprisingly, Meredith quickly found the case number. They pulled up his file, and Meredith gasped, “Thirty years to life?” But just as your heart rate shot through the roof, Maggie realized she made a typo, and they were looking at the wrong case.

They then pulled up his actual case and saw that criminal proceedings had been “indefinitely postponed,” which Meredith concluded meant that Alex did, in fact, take the plea and must be in prison. There was no other explanation. These doctors are good at many things, but decoding legal cases is probably not one of them. Maybe this is time for a How to Get Away With Murder/Scandal/Grey’s merger episode? @ShondaRhimes, we’re looking at you.

Meredith spent the day searching for Alex, but learned she couldn’t get information about him without his Social Security number, which obviously she didn’t have. (Do you think she tried using the search bar on her inbox, though?)

2. The doctors tried to take Eliza down.

Still caught in a power struggle, Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and the doctors tried to formulate a plan to get Eliza to leave the hospital. “We never let her in the OR,” Webber suggested. “We isolate the enemy. Cut off her supply lines. Starve her out.” And just like that, we couldn't remember if we were watching Grey’s Anatomy or Saving Private Ryan.

Later, after the doctors bluntly ignored her requests, Eliza noticed that the OR board she rearranged was once again rearranged. She asked Webber, “Was there a problem with the way I arranged the board this morning?” Webber told her that changing the board from capital to lowercase letters was “passive-aggressive.” Maybe it’s just Us, but Grey’s characters' aggression hasn’t been “passive” since, well, ever.

3. Jo still struggled with Alex’s case.

Warren tried to talk to Jo (Camilla Luddington) by offering, “I’m sorry about Karev.” She quickly shot back: “Why are you sorry? You didn’t put him in prison? I did.”

Later, when a patient tried to hit on Jo, she snapped at him and walked away. Warren followed her and asked, “You sure you’re OK?” She curtly replied: “I’m awesome.” Life hack: If someone says they’re “awesome” in the most monotone voice they can manage, they are most definitely not awesome, and you should fix it immediately or maybe just run. Warren, clearly not getting the hint, asked if she knew anything about Alex. She blatantly ignored his question and went back to work.

Warren once again tried to talk to Jo about Alex (three strikes and you’re out, right?). Jo clearly had enough and snapped: “Do you need me to be fragile? Do you need me to fall apart?” She later added, “I am fine.” For those keeping score at home, “I am fine” absolutely falls into the same category as “I’m awesome.”

Jessica Capshaw (let), Kelly McCreary Nicole Wilder/ABC

4. Amelia and Owen may really be over.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) went to Meredith’s house and asked if she knew where Amelia was. Meredith deflected the question as if he had just asked what she wanted for dinner, and said she didn’t have time to help him. “You have Amelia,” she said. “I have Alex.” Hey, Grey’s writers, you’re not helping those Alex and Meredith might hookup/be in love rumors here.

Later, Edwards went to her apartment, where it turned out Amelia had been staying. She told Amelia: “I don’t want to lie to your husband anymore.” Amelia asked her to not tell Owen where she was. “He will try to fix it,” she said. “It can’t be fixed.”

When Owen later demanded to know where Amelia was, Edwards told him that his wife was safe. “Tell her to come home,” Owen begged. “Tell her it’ll be fine, we’ll be — just tell her to come home.”

When Edwards relayed the message, Amelia ignored her and asked about her surgery that day.

Camilla Luddington, Jason George Nicole Wilder/ABC

5. Bailey and Webber fought.

Bailey became fed up with her staff’s treatment of Eliza and proceeded to call a meeting that, not shockingly, no one attended.

When Webber appeared and told her that the staff was trying to send a message, Bailey responded, “You’re butt-hurt.” (Feel free to Urban Dictionary this one, trust Us.) When Webber retorted that it had “nothing to do with his butt” (this is a real term, you guys) and insisted that hiring Eliza “was a bad call,” Bailey left him speechless by revealing that doctors in the hospital were looking for change.

6. Alex came back — and DeLuca may have had something to do with it!

When Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) got home, she and DeLuca sat on the stairs and talked. Though she knew he might not want to hear it, she admitted: “I miss Alex,” adding, “I hate that he’s gone.”

Upon hearing that Alex was “gone,” DeLuca seemed extremely confused.

At her own home, Meredith sat down on her bed — only to find Alex in it!

When she told him that she’d been looking for him all day, he replied, “I’ve been sleeping.” She asked: “All day?” Alex smiled and confirmed: “All day.” Maybe Alex should have used the search bar on his phone and sent a text?

Tell Us: Do you think DeLuca dropped the charges against Alex?

Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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