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You’s Dark Death: How [Spoiler] Was Murdered in the Book vs the Show

Shay Mitchell, You, Lifetime
Shay Mitchell in 'You' on Lifetime Lifetime

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Sunday, October 14, episode of You.

Did you see this coming? Joe (Penn Badgley) went from crazed stalker in love to two-time killer during the latest episode of You, taking the life of Peach (Shay Mitchell) after she convinced Beck (Elizabeth Lail) to go away with her for the weekend.

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Joe first told Beck that her best friend was actually in love with her before following them to the house. While spying on them, he kept seeing that he was, in fact, correct. Peach was trying to get Beck away from Joe. She invited over an old friend, they all took Molly and Peach attempted to have a threesome, in which Beck turned her down.

The next morning, Beck told Peach she needed to leave and that she didn’t have feelings for her. Peach, per usual, went off on Beck, telling her she was running back to loser Joe and that she should instead, quit college and move to Paris with her. Upon Beck’s leaving, Peach came face to face with Joe – and he ended her life.

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After killing her, he staged her suicide, wrote her suicide note and left pills hanging around the apartment. Beck, of course, blamed herself.

Penn Badgley, You, Lifetime
Penn Badgley in ‘You’ on Lifetime Lifetime


However, for those who read the book, you may remember the death of Peach went a bit differently. He followed Peach on her beach run, hit her over the head with a rock – much like in the show’s earlier episode – and then filled her pockets with rocks and dropped her body in the ocean. She didn’t leave a suicide note, though. Instead, Joe emailed Beck as Peach, saying she had to get away. So, Beck didn’t blame herself … until Peach’s body turned up weeks later.

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You airs on Lifetime Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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