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Idol’s Kimberley Locke Rates Miley Cyrus as Mentor

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Kimberley Locke came in third place on second season of American Idol (behind Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard). Since then, she's appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, and will release her newest single, Strobe Light, on which she collaborated with Randy Jackson, April 6.

Tuesday night was interesting because of the song choices — they were not the best and maybe that's because they are just getting into themed nights. I remember in  Season 2, we struggled with some of the categories too.

Miley Cyrus as a mentor? Does she know these songs???

Lee DeWyze looked really good. He seemed really comfortable on stage as well as comfortable with his song choice, but I think he could have chosen a better song.  In the coming weeks I think we will see him gain some confidence. 

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Paige Miles: think she is a sweet person but unfortunately, she did not shine tonight.  The song she chose requires a lot of control and she just didn't have it. Randy hated it!! It's interesting that this is happening at this level in the competition… this is the Top 10 right?

I think Tim Urban knows just as well as I do that he should have been out of the competition a long time ago.  He is in the competition purely on the CUTE factor, not the WOW factor. The girls love him!! There is nothing dynamic about his voice but he is working the looks….and the girls.  Ellen was right: it was corny!

Aaron Kelly
has a solid voice at 16.  He is one of my favorite because he is raw talent.  He just comes out on the stage and delivers and that's what AI is all about.  During season 2 we did not have all of the bells and whistles that the other seasons have had — we were on the stage, no band with a mic and we had to make it happen and make it believable.  Although Aaron didn't have a perfect performance, he is a deliverer and a solid performer.  The other contestants should take notes!

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Crystal Bowersox
is one of my other favorite contestants, but she will have to step it up in the weeks to come! Bring it Crystal!!  America Loves You!  SHHHHHH!!!  Don't give it away… this is a competition! 😉

Michael Lynche is like watching a seasoned veteran who's been singing for 25 years.  What I love about him is that he can take a song and sing it in the softest key, without blowing the notes out and make you fall in love with an old song all over again. I thought he was great.

I noticed that a lot of the contestants brought members from the band onto the stage with them….not sure why? They need to be able to work the stage alone. The extra comes later.

Andrew Garcia was one of my faves in the very beginning but he seems to have set the bar really high from day one and he can't seem to beat it.  He sang "Grapevine," but he didn't seem to connect with that song. Maybe that's the issue with the contestants overall….they can't connect with the music.  Do they identify with these songs? 

"Big Girls Don't Cry" is a song that I play on my iPod all the time but Katie Stevens murdered this song….I just didn't think it was good. WOW. At this point I must sound mean, but I didn't like it.  Ellen thought it was her best so who am I to say?? :-/  "MAD PITCH ISSUES!"

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Casey James' performance reminded me of something that I would hear the band play at a wedding reception.  He's cute and a great guitar player…. See ya next week Casey!!!!  No, Simon it's not just you….I agree!!!!  xxx

Didi Benami has a beautiful voice and, with the right songs, she really shines. She looked hot last night on the show and seemed very comfortable!  NERVES BE GONE! Good job! I don't get the song choices either Ellen!!

Siobhan Magnus
is my American Idol!  She is exciting and fun to watch!  Who knew the she would come out singing Superstition?  She is sick! (In a good way!)

Randy and Simon were rough tonight!!

At this point in the competition, the contestants should be bringing their A game and honestly…. they're just not doing it. I think a lot of the contestants will look back at their performances tonight will not be happy at that they delivered. Next week will be a much better week because of this. It is a learning experience they should build upon, so I look forward to an awesome night of performances next week. Bring it — and have more fun!

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