Jimmy Kimmel School of Perfect Acting Hilariously Educates Mila Kunis, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon: Watch

Jimmy Kimmel's School of Acting
Mila Kunis appeared in the Kimmel School of Perfect Acting video. 

Hollywood's biggest stars owe it all to Jimmy Kimmel — at least according to the funnyman himself. On a special Oscars edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Sunday, Feb. 22, the host promoted the "Kimmel School of Perfect Acting."

In a hilarious two-part sketch, huge stars appeared as students of Kimmel's, learning from the comedian as he played an over-the-top theatrical teacher. 

"My name is Jim Kimmel and I teach," Kimmel, 47, said as he opened the clip in a funny getup, wearing a beret and oversized sunglasses. He then introduced Benedict Cumberbatch, who called the Kimmel School of Perfect Acting the "greatest acting school there ever was or ever will be." 

"You don't take Jim's class to feel comfortable," Lupita Nyong'o chimed in. "You take Jim's class to be pushed." 

"He's a master!" Mila Kunis exclaimed, amongst further testimonials from Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Bridges, Susan Sarandon, and Eddie Redmayne, who was chastised by Kimmel for his unimpressive British accent.

Kristen Bell had a particularly hilarious moment with Kimmel, as she performed a monologue while he criticized Frozen, her height, and called her a "Muppet baby." Bell was followed by Jennifer Aniston, who had a similarly rough experience with the acting teacher.

Trepidatiously entering a stage, the Friends alum was shown being mocked by Kimmel, who held his socked foot in his hand and repeated and imitated her speech. 

"He's so in touch, and he's just so generous," Aniston said in her interview about the school, before participating in a so-called "distrust fall," where she fell straight onto her back. 

Watch further bits from Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, and Emily Blunt in the videos above!

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