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Kailyn Lowry Says Ex-Husband Javi Marroquin ‘Wants to Look Like the Good Guy’

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry
Javi Marroquin and Kailyn LowryWE TV

Kailyn Lowry spoke candidly in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly about her relationship with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and how their divorce will play out in the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp.

The Teen Mom star, 25, is set to star alongside her former beau, 24, in the 11th season of the WE tv show, where fans will see how they work through their issues in hopes of being better parents to their son Lincoln, 3.

Unfortunately, Lowry doesn’t see them getting to a place of effective coparenting, which she has with her 7-year-old son Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera. “To be honest with you, no I don’t [see us getting there]. Javi has a very different personality from Jo and from everyone I’ve ever been with,” she told Us. “So I feel like, how Javi and I’s relationship is now, is how it will always be. It was very roller coaster-y when we were married, so now that we’re divorced, it’s not really a surprise.”

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But trust isn’t the issue there. The mom of three explained, “I don’t necessarily think it’s a trust thing — this is who he is. There’s a side to Javi that nobody knows, that nobody sees except for me. I can’t really explain it. It’s the way his brain works, I guess.”

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While Lowry went on the show to help build those coparenting skills, it seems Marroquin had another idea. “I didn’t even know those were Javi’s intentions,” she told Us of his desire to get back together, which will be highlighted in the premiere. “I thought we were going in, literally, to make coparenting work. And still when I was there and I learned that Javi wanted to make our relationship work … I was a little surprised.”

She added of her decision to sign on for the series, “I was more or less hoping it would help my relationship with Javi as far as coparenting goes, and ultimately benefit Lincoln, so to me that was most important. If that meant more cameras, I was going to do that for Lincoln’s benefit.”

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Still, she made sure to set boundaries with her ex-husband, to whom she was married for nearly three years. “He had been back from his deployment for, I think, two months [when we started filming],” she said. “We were already living separately when he came home, so that was the most time that we spent together. But I made sure to request separate beds.”

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A major focus of their storyline this season will be questions surrounding fidelity. “He knows I didn’t [cheat], but it’s like a victim card that he plays,” Lowry explained to Us. “He wants to look like the good guy. The same thing I was doing, he was doing. I’ll leave that there. We were already legally separated and our divorce was pretty much finalized within the first week we were at Marriage Boot Camp.”

She added, “If he wants to call that cheating then I guess he was doing it too. I’m thinking some things will come up during the season regarding that.”

Lowry also cleared up the timeline with regards to her third pregnancy with Chris Lopez, with whom she’s “still trying to figure” things out. “I think that’s a huge misunderstanding with a lot of our fans and supporters. I didn’t get pregnant until I got home from Marriage Boot Camp. After my divorce was finalized. People swear I got pregnant while I was married and I did not.”

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As for Marroquin’s current dating life, the MTV personality isn’t concerned. “I don’t care,” Lowry told Us. “I like to know who’s around my kids, but when it comes down to it, that’s the only thing I care about. When he’s dating someone, at what point will he introduce them to Lincoln? That’s it. That’s all I care about.”

She confirmed they did have an agreement about not introducing new love interests to Lincoln, but “he didn’t follow through” on that.

Meanwhile, Marroquin is still coming to terms with his ex-wife having a child, who was born in August, with another man. “It was very weird. It still is. He’s only been around him two or three times,” Lowry told Us. “You can tell something … he gets in his feelings. Something doesn’t sit right with him. So he needs time to warm up to the fact that I do have another baby, I think.”

As for her own love life, the Hustle and Heart author told Us she’s “definitely single” and open to love in whatever form it comes. “You fall in love with souls, not gender or sex,” added Lowry.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres on WE tv October 13 at 9/8c.

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