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Kim Petras Shares ’10 Things That Scare the S—t Out of Me’ (Exclusive)

Kim Petras Shares 10 Things That Scare Me
Kim Petras. Photo: Thom Kerr; Illustration: Lucas David

Now that’s devotion. Kim Petras loves Halloween so much she dedicated a whole 17-track project to it!

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“There are so many Christmas albums and so many Christmas songs coming out everywhere and I was like, ‘Let’s make an album for my personal favorite holiday,’” she previously explained to Us Weekly. “Halloween is Christmas for the gays and for me!”

Showing exactly how faithful she is to the holiday, Petras, 27, dropped Turn Off The Light, a horror-themed album she intended “to be the soundtrack for Halloween parties.” The project weaves in dark, instrumental dance tracks with morbid and frightfully catchy pop anthems like “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare” and “There Will Be Blood. “I just know that when people get drunk, people don’t want to remember every single word to a song, and people just want to dance,” the German-born singer-songwriter said.

If you haven’t yet listened to Turn Off The Light this month, never fear. “The purpose of it is definitely that you can listen to it whenever the hell you want,” Petras insisted. “I never wanted it to be like the ‘Monster Mash.’ It’s still crafted pop songs that can stand on their own.”

Kim Petras Shares 10 Things That Scare Me
Kim Petras. Photo: Byron Spencer; Illustration: Lucas David

Before the “Icy” singer embarked on her new Clarity Tour, she shared with Us a list of the 10 things that terrify her the most, throwing in two bonus fears just because life is that scary.

10 Things That Scare The S—t Out Of Me

1. Spiders. F—k spiders, I hate spiders. There’s a huge spider that keeps finding new spots in my front patio. I hate it and I want it to leave and I’m scared to go home and I’m tempted to just get a hotel room and never come back to my apartment. [Laughs]

2. Really tight spaces. I’m claustrophobic. So, probably an elevator getting stuck is really a horror situation for me, personally.

3. Missing my tax statement. I’m really f—king terrified of that. Getting my taxes done in time, that s—t is stressful and a true horror of life.

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4. Bonding extensions, especially if you’re blonde, there are just so many horrible things that can happen with that. If you just have the shortest layers and then bonding extensions that are really long. That is frightening to me. [laughs] Also when I was 14 it was all I would wear and it would, like, rip out my hair and I would have like crazy short little strands. Yea, that!

5. At this point, sock boots. Shoes that look socks. They’re a little spooky.

Kim Petras Shares 10 Things That Scare Me
Kim Petras. Photo: Byron Spencer; Illustration: Lucas David

6. I’m terrified of the movie Hereditary. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. I think it’s the most traumatizing thing. It’s not like a slasher, fun horror movie. It’s just, like, a deeply disturbing horror movie. So that one really scares me.

7. I’m scared of Trump being President. I feel like it’s a really scary scenario and I would love for it to be over. So, that’s scary that that’s still happening.

8. I’m scared of milk that has gone bad. [laughs] That is also spook.

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9. I’m scared of those haunted houses where you have to sign a waiver and they can just do whatever they want to you. They have those in middle America, I think, a lot. I live for Halloween Horror Nights and the Hayride but probably not the ones where they feed you stuff.

10. I’m really scared of those little octopus that sting you, what are those? Jellyfish! Yeah. I’m terrified of those. Whenever I’m in the ocean I’m like, “f—k.”

11. And then, legitimate scare is probably the ocean. I always feel, like, swimming deep in the ocean is real scary and I always feel like I’m going to get dragged out. I feel like the ocean is really spooky! I’d rather stick to a pool. Or, I go in but not so that I can’t stand because…

12. Sharks, also. I feel like everywhere I am like “sharks!” when I’m in the ocean.