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‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap: Scott Disick Threatens to ‘Beat Up’ Kourtney Kardashian’s New Boyfriend Younes Bendjima

The Sunday, October 22, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians featured a bonding road trip for Kendall Jenner and sister Kourtney Kardashian, some low points with Kourtney and Scott Disick, and most importantly, a very savage dig from Chrissy Teigen‘s dad, of all people!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Keeping Up with the Kardashians NBC Universal

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Kim and Chrissy Talk Met Gala Anxiety

The episode kicked off with a cameo from supermodel Teigen as Kim Kardashian visited her, along with baby Luna and husband John Legend, in what appeared to be the model’s New York City apartment. The pals began their chat by discussing the Met Gala where Chrissy admitted to having “super-high anxiety there.” Kim then added that her sister Kylie Jenner “was so nervous” that she made Kim “walk her to her table and introduce her to Donatella [Versace].” Seems like Chrissy and Kylie have a lot in common!

Chrissy Teigen’s Dad Is a Kardashians Fan, Slams Khloé

The most unexpected moment had to be when Chrissy introduced her father, Ron Teigen, to Kim. Chrissy gushed, “My dad is a big fan. He’s been watching for many years.” When asked which sister was his favorite, Ron admitted Kim was. He dished to Kim, “Khloé was for a while but then she kinda went off.” Is he not a fan of Good American jeans? Either way, we hope Khloé Kardashian is recovering from Ron’s burn!

Scott’s Friends Worry He’s Out of Control

The episode swiftly took a serious turn when Kourtney, who was on a girls’ trip with Kendall and Khloé in Santa Barbara, began fielding phone calls from concerned friends of Scott’s. She then wavered, admitting, “I feel helpless because I don’t always know what to do.”

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Kourtney revealed, “I just, like, keep hearing that he’s out of control. People have called me saying he’s not gonna make it.” Determined not to enable the father of her children, she sighed and concluded, “He needs to fend for himself.”

Kim, concerned over Scott’s well-being, then headed to Scott’s house to check in with the father of three. After initially making a comment about Kim’s breasts, Scott then comforted Kim saying, “Rest assured, everything’s fine.”

Amid all the chaos, it did appear that Kourtney was able to enjoy her trip to Santa Barbara. Kourtney, who’s struggled with connecting to Kendall in the past, ended the drunken vacation with a promise to hang out with the supermodel the next time she’s in New York.

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Scott Threatens to ‘Beat Up’ Kourtney’s New Boyfriend 

In a preview of next week’s episode, we got a very serious glimpse into the drama surrounding Scott’s jealousy over Kourtney’s relationship with model Younes Bendjima. “Scott is like threatening me,” Kourtney revealed. “He’s like, ‘Your little friend is gonna get beat up.'” Yikes!

 Tell Us: What do you think about Scott’s threat to beat up Kourtney’s new beau?

 Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on E! Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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