Ladies of London Recap: Marissa Has a Thanksgiving Meltdown Over a Rival Dinner

The cast of Bravo's Ladies of London.
The cast of Bravo's Ladies of London. Bravo

Would you like a side of drama with your tea and crumpets? Bravo's Ladies of London is back for a second season of social climbing, and the premiere was the gift that keeps on giving. Keep reading for details on new cast member, Caroline Fleming, plus the reason why Caroline Stanbury thinks Marissa Hermer "reeks of desperation."

Thanksgiving = So. Much. Drama

So, turns out Thanksgiving is the most dramatic holiday of all time. Just ask Juliet Angus and Marissa, who spent this week fighting about where to celebrate the beloved American holiday. Marissa hoped to hold the event at her restaurant, but in what can only be described as a pure Judas-level betrayal, Juliet went behind her back and asked Caroline S. to host. The icy entrepreneur's thoughts on the matter? "Marissa thinks of herself as Queen Host, but London can smell a social climber a mile away. It reeks of desperation." Well then.

How Much Is Juliet's House Worth? (Answer: Not Enough)

Apparently, having a three million pound home is total child's play these days — just ask Ladies of London's resident normal, Juliet. "Our house is still worth three million pounds!" she told cameras after being judged by Caroline S. "Which is a five million dollar house. It's just not a 15 million pound home. We're, like, super well-off when we live in America, and here, it's like they s— money."

Yikes, Marissa Doesn't Hold Back

Marissa was deeply offended that Caroline S. agreed to throw a rival Thanksgiving dinner, and she had some choice words for her enemy hostess. "I think that's offensive and rude," she mused. "I don't think Juliet's aware of all the friendships she's annihilating as she climbs higher up inside Caroline's a—.”

Don't know about you guys, but we're terrified.

Grab Some Popcorn: Marissa and Juliet Face Off

Caroline S. made the mistake of hosting a cocktail party, and it only took about five minutes for Thanksgiving Gate 2015 to blow up. "Is this where I give you your sainthood again?" Juliet snapped at Marissa as she side-eyed her. "Where you're just perfect and you're amazing and I'm so terrible?"

Amazing, we know, but the best part of this exchange was Caroline S's thoughts: "Marissa literally thinks that she is Martha f––ing Stewart without the jail sentence." Flawless.

Meet Caroline Fleming

There's a new Caroline in town! Denmark's Next Top Model host, Caroline Fleming, is the newest addition to Ladies of London, and she also happens to be a casual baroness. So far, Caroline seems pretty normal (she has three kids and a line of hosiery, as ya do), but Caroline S. described her as a "MILF" and “wild child," so who knows what to expect. Other than an abundance of drink throwing, obviously.

Watch Ladies of London Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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