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‘Love Is Blind’ Creator Reveals More Couples Got Engaged — They Were Just Cut From the Show

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Didn’t make the cut. In the first four episodes of Love Is Blind, six couples are shown getting engaged and their journeys are followed to a resort in Mexico. In the next five episodes, viewers will see the couples meet each other’s families, plan a wedding and ultimately, will see if they say “I do.”

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However, there weren’t only six couples that got engaged, creator Chris Coelen revealed in a new interview with The AV Club.

“I believed enough in the universality of the idea, and I felt strongly that people connecting in this way was a good enough idea, an interesting enough idea, a radical enough idea, that I felt like people would develop real, emotional connection. But I truly had no idea that it was going to be as successful as it was,” Coelen, the CEO of Kinetic Content, said. “In real life, we ended up having more success than you even see on the show, in terms of people falling in love and getting engaged in the pod part of the show. There were more couples that got engaged than we were able to follow, which we did not expect at all. We felt like we would be lucky to have just one couple, and we had an overwhelming abundance of stories.”

Love is Blind
Love is Blind Netflix

So, if other engagements happened … what happened to those couples and will viewers ever get to see them? It doesn’t seem likely.

“We weren’t going to throw too many storylines of people. But, I mean, if we’d had the crew to cover it, of course, we would [have],” he continued. “We would have wanted to follow all of them in a heartbeat.”

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As for the couples they chose to feature, it was pretty much a guessing game. “We sort of just closed our eyes and said, ‘Oh, maybe it’s this one, maybe it’s that one.’ Everyone on the show was tremendously real, and authentic, and gracious with allowing us to be in their life,” Coelen said. “And, honestly, every single person that was in that facility truly said it changed their lives.”

It turns out, there were a lot of pod conversations that happened that weren’t just cut — they weren’t even filmed. After an 18-hour day of conversations, production would tell the cast it was time to sleep, but they didn’t want to. That led to people literally falling asleep on those couches.

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“From a production-logistics standpoint, we had crew that had to go to sleep. But the truth is, even without our crew there, we just let people keep talking if they wanted to, because they took it really seriously — and we took it really seriously,” he revealed. “They were having a ton of fun doing this, getting to know the people on the other side of the wall, and getting to know themselves. They want to spend as much time with each other, even coming down to falling asleep in the pods.”

The next four episodes of Love Is Blind debut on Netflix Thursday, February 20.

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