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Maleficent’s Opening Weekend Sets Box Office Records For Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's Maleficent movie set box office records in its opening weekend, making $70 million.

She may not be able to break true love's first kiss, but Angelina Jolie did work her magic at the box office this weekend with the hit opener of her new Disney film Maleficent. 

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Though the Sleeping Beauty companion film premiered to mixed reviews from the critics, it managed to bring in an estimated $70 million at the box office, eclipsing Jolie's previous record of $60.2 million for 2008's Kung Fu Panda

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In Maleficent, Brad Pitt's fiancee, 38, plays the title character, drawing in both young audiences with the PG rating and longtime fans of the former action star. 

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The live-action Disney film also stars Jolie's daughter Vivienne, 5, as young Aurora, and most of her children attended the Los Angeles premiere. (Elle Fanning plays a teen Aurora.) 

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"Neither one of us want our children to be actors, Brad and I," she told the Daily Mail of her six kids. "I only put her in the film because the other children her age would be scared of me because I looked quite scary in [costume]. In the scene, little Aurora has to really want to be near me and be loving to me, and I had to be quite mean. So Vivienne and I practiced it a few times, and I was shocked by how well she did." 

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