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‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition’ Finale Recap: Courtney Stodden Cuts Mom Out of Her Life

Never too late for more drama! In a confusing turn of events, Lifetime aired the last episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition on Tuesday, July 5, a full two months after the previous installment aired. We may never know why the finale of the social experiment/reality show starring Courtney Stodden and Heidi Montag got pushed to 4 p.m. ET on a Tuesday, but it’s good to have closure.

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Kim Richards Almost Gets Hospitalized

The episode started off with a bang when, in the middle of their final group therapy session, Kim Richards got up and left the room, mumbling, “I feel like I’m gonna faint.” She went to lie down in her room while the paramedics were called. When they got there, they asked, “Has she eaten?” She replied, “No,” and the mystery was solved. The paramedics packed up and left while Kim’s daughter, Kimberly Jackson, fed her a sandwich. Medical emergency averted!

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Krista Is Still Semi-Denying Doug’s Claims That She Had an “Emotional Affair”

We then moved on to Courtney and her mom, Krista Keller, who did not seem to be on the same page by the end of this eight-week process. When Krista entered their shared bedroom, she giddily told her daughter that the rest of the group “complimented me for putting my heart into this and really trying hard.” Courtney responded in a confessional saying, “She’s doing good, but I’m not. … I don’t think she will ever truly grasp the pain she’s caused me.” 

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Krista later admitted, “I’m disappointed that Courtney believes her husband over me, and for her to still feel so negative, it hurts.” This is, of course, referring to Courtney and her husband (and future baby daddy!) Doug Hutchison’s allegations that Krista had an emotional affair with him.

Heidi Montag and Her Mom Are Finally on Good Terms

Then it was time for everyone to say goodbye. There were lots of tears shed and moments of raw, real emotion. One such touching farewell was when Heidi Montag told her mom, Darlene Egelhoff, through tears, “I apologize for letting even a moment go by without having you in my life.” They embraced and left the house in a shared car.

Courtney Stodden and her mom, Krista star in the all-new series, The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition
Courtney Stodden and her mom, Krista star in the all-new series, ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.’ Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime

Courtney Stodden Leaves Without Her Mom, Needs “Space”

While every other mother-daughter pair may have left together warmly, Courtney and Krista ended their time in the house with a relationship as fractured as ever. During their “goodbye” speeches, Krista owned up to some of her mistakes and said, “I chose the wrong path in connecting emotionally with your husband. I had no right to do that. I want to apologize for not being the mother that you deserve.”

Courtney accepted the apology, but it was too little, too late for her. She started sobbing and told her mom, “I feel so betrayed in the most painful way. I have so much hurt inside of me. … I feel emotionally abandoned by you. … I came into this house alone, and I think it’d be best for our relationship if I left alone.” As she walked out, the “Asphalt” singer said, “I’m sorry. I need space.”

Courtney then got into her own car and left without her mom. The sad dramatic irony of the whole scenario is that as of the airing of this episode, Courtney is roughly 10 weeks pregnant with her first child with husband Doug. Let’s hope Courtney’s not too stressed out during her pregnancy and that she and her mom will be able to work things out!

Tell Us: Do you think Courtney Stodden and her mom will make up now that the baby is on the way?

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