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Real Estate Expert Peggy Zabakolas Dishes on Move to Discovery+ Series ‘Selling the Hamptons’

'Million Dollar Beach House' Star Peggy Zabakolas
Stefano Giovanni

She’s on the move! Real estate expert Peggy Zabakolas is taking her talents to Discovery+ for the new series Selling the Hamptons.

“It’s an amazing cast with amazing homes,” the reality star, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively of the upcoming series. “It’s going to be something fun for the viewers to see and total escapism. I’m just really excited for it.”

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Fans were introduced to Zabakolas when she starred on Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House, which she told Us was “currently on a pause.”

As for why she made the decision to move on to another project, the television personality explained that she “wanted to keep on expanding, growing and building my brand.”

Zabakolas told Us, “If an opportunity comes knocking and it’s a good fit, then why not! A great opportunity came and it’s really exciting. I’ve always done what I do to help my clients and my future clients. Million Dollar Beach House was rated in the top 10. It was a great show! As long as it helps elevate the business, that’s all I can hope for.”

She plans to continue helping potential real estate buyers with Selling the Hamptons, which is set to feature one of her Million Dollar Beach House properties. The Netflix series’ first season ended with fans wondering whether Zabakolas received this particular “$35 million stunner in Southampton.” Luckily, she did!

'Million Dollar Beach House' Star Peggy Zabakolas
Rise Media

“Everything inside it has outside — an indoor basketball court, indoor and outdoor movie theatre. It’s a 15-foot LED movie screen that comes up from the ground,” Zabakolas gushed to Us. “It’s very West Coast meets East Coast. The pool has transparent viewing glass, a sunken fire pit, an indoor swimming pool, 9 bedrooms and 12 bath[rooms]. It has every luxury amenity you can think of!”

Aside from selling luxury properties, Selling the Hamptons viewers will also see some “personal drama and work drama” between Zabakolas and her colleagues.

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“You always need a little bit of drama,” the star explained. “I think with this [show], I grew. Million Dollar Beach House was filmed almost three years ago and aired a year ago. So, I grew exponentially in three years. So my focus — whether it’s on personal or work drama — has shifted a little bit. So, I have focused a lot on work and act like I have blinders on for just work. But you can’t have a reality show without drama.”

That being said, don’t expect to see too much of Zabakolas’ personal life on camera.

“A lot of my personal life is on Instagram,” the Discovery+ star shared, noting that her boyfriend is “a very private person.”

All in all, the real estate agent has no problem sharing her personal life to the show’s viewers, explaining that she expects fans to “become nosy” about what goes down when the cameras aren’t rolling.

'Million Dollar Beach House' Star Peggy Zabakolas
Hanna Coleman

“I am a very transparent type of person. On social media, you’ll see a lot about my family, myself and things that I love to do that I don’t necessarily do on the show,” Zabakolas added. “When it comes to the show, I am playing it by ear. I do respect [my boyfriend’s] wishes. He isn’t on the show necessarily, but he is fully a part of my life on social media. There is so much more about me. I am an independent female who works super hard to build a brand and nothing is going to stop me. I’d rather focus on my likes and my interests and success as opposed to my relationship.”

For more with Zabakolas, read her Q&A below:

Us Weekly: Selling the Hamptons sounds similar to the hit show Selling Sunset. Can you draw any comparisons or is it totally different?

PZ: If you’re going to create a real estate show everyone is going to compare it to whatever show is popular at the time. Selling Sunset has their beautiful homes and shows their drama, whether it’s work or personal. And this one is just different. We are just all into real estate. You’re viewing it through a different eye.

Us: Why do you think people love watching real estate shows?

PZ: I think people love to see how certain people live and they dream about these homes. You’re sitting on your couch and seeing how certain parts of the world live. I mean, $30 million homes! It also motivates people a little bit. During the pandemic, people have been home all day and it opens your eyes to a whole other world.

Us: You’re one of the top real estate brokers at Nest Seekers International and have had a busy year with multiple major million-dollar listings. When you’re not busy filming, what do you like to do off camera?

PZ: I love spending time with my family and friends. I love cooking and baking. I try to create healthier versions of certain food. Working out and anything outdoors and staying in shape are my go-tos during my off time.

Us: You always look fantastic and fit. So how do you keep your body beach ready?

PZ: I think when you’re younger, you become obsessed with your image and what you’re eating and you don’t listen to yourself. Whereas now, I listen to my body. It took me 34 years to like my body and I’m OK with it. I love boxing, horseback riding and hiking. Just to keep it all fun.

I also look at it as, it’s not just your summer body, but your year-round body. Going to a gym is boring to me. So I try to do outdoor activities. During the summer, I’ll go paddle-boarding or do the little things like take the stairs or park farther away and walk. Even when I’m on the phone, I’m walking back and forth! I’m always moving.

Someone told me this and I think it changed my mindset. I now look at food as fuel and not because I’m bored. I ask myself if I’m hungry and if my body needs the energy. I always try to pick protein over carbs and to cook with quality ingredients from my garden or the farmer’s market.

Us: What are your must-haves for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

PZ: Hand-downs every day I always drink three liters of water. To me, it’s the No. 1 thing. I always have a water bottle with me. I wake up and depending on if I am rushed I’ll have either granola with yogurt or eggs — even if it’s a hard-boiled egg. For lunch, sometimes I don’t eat until later in the afternoon and it’s usually a salad and I mix protein and veggies. And dinner in the summertime is a Greek salad form my garden and BBQ chicken skewers with Tzatziki. I am guilty though when it comes to sweets. I tend to sneak in some ice cream at night. That’s because I feel if I don’t, my body will just be craving it and then I’d eat everything else!

Us: What’s next for you?

PZ: A lot of it will follow the doors opening in my life — my fitness journey and balancing work with the show and my personal life.

Selling the Hamptons is available for streaming on Discovery+.

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