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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Charles Escapes From His Own Birthday Party As “A” Reveal Nears

pretty Little Liars recap
The Pretty Little Liars came close to catching Charles only for him to escape yet again, thanks to a drugged Toby.

Can you feel it, Liars? Every week of Pretty Little Liars brings Us closer and closer to discovering A’s/Charles DiLaurentis’ true identity. There are two more episodes left until the reveal, but even now, it feels like things are happening — for example, Charles’ facade is dropping with every passing moment. "O Brother, Where Art Thou" was an episode that had A himself this close to getting caught, and honestly, if it weren’t for the Liars’ usual miscommunication (and a little accidental recreational drug use), we might have gotten it. Still, there’s a sense of change in the air.

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My Daughter, My Lover!

Oh, Emily. As we all know, Emily (Shay Mitchell) has been through a whirlwind of terrible things. They all have — that’s the Liars’ way! But in addition that that, she has been extremely overprotective of Sara (Dre Davis). So if Sara is secretly working with A, it’s going to kill Emily once she finds out. But this week wasn’t about that. Instead, it was about Sara actually moving on with her life. Her old friend Claire (Skyler Day) returned, and while Emily was very much a mama bear about the situation, it didn’t matter. Yes, the last time Emily (and the rest of the Liars) met Claire, she didn’t have the best things to say about Sara. But at that time, Sara was basically the Ali of the group. That wasn’t exactly inspiring confidence in anyone.

But in a twist, Sara didn’t care. In fact, Claire told her about the whole situation and they still reconnected, with and Sara ultimately leaving to stay with Claire.

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It’ll be easier — or at least healthier — for Sara and Emily to date without being under the same roof. And really, Emily has only been at her worst when it comes to her insane overprotection of Sara. It didn’t get any better when she played third wheel to Sara and Claire at their reconnection lunch, but luckily, Sara of all people set Emily straight (and set herself free). Emily was left to snuggle with her pillow through the night.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Poor planning really is the worst policy. Toby (Keegan Allen) was back from his police seminar this episode, and he was ready to get some quality police work done. On the plus side, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally gave him all the information they’d been hiding about Charles being alive and being A. But she didn’t tell him about her brand new extracurricular activity of marijuana, and that’s what let Toby to inadvertently consume a huge dose of all of her edibles. Unfortunately, it also meant that a tripped-out Toby froze when it came time to approach and capture Charles.

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Hanna (Ashley Benson) also had to deal with a $30,000 scholarship that may or may not have had something to do with Charles, but none of that had to do with Toby tripping out, so really, we can wait to talk about that.

Mina Is Back On

Remember when Mike Montgomery (Cody Allen Christian) was reeling over Mona (Janel Parrish) not being dead but not knowing where she was? Well, now that he knows where she is, there was still no closure on that front — until now, that is. Despite the actor pulling double duty over on Teen Wolf, Mike showed back up to ask his sister Aria (Lucy Hale) why Mona wouldn’t even return his phone calls. Understandably, he was upset, as he didn’t get why a person would want him to go along with her fake death, only to completely ignore him after she fake came back to life. However, he did eventually get in contact with her — in person! — and it became evident that the only reason Mona avoided him was to protect him. You know what? That’s kind of sweet when you think about it.

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Happy Birthday, Charles (Again)

Charles was still running amuck on the DiLaurentis family this week. Mr. DiLaurentis was quick to skip town with Alison (Sasha Pieterse), but Jason (Drew Van Acker) stayed behind for his brother’s birthday party. Despite the fact everyone knows Charles is the worst (the worst!), his motivations were still very much influenced by his family, and that’s the same thing that influenced Jason. All he wanted to do was meet up with his brother, reconnect, and convince him to turn himself in.

None of that worked, of course, because Toby and Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) tracked Jason, and then the Liars decided to track them tracking Jason. Charles got away again, and this time, he only harbored resentment toward his brother. If there was any chance Jason was safe before, it was all gone — thanks again to poor planning. 

Tell Us: Do you think Jason could have convinced Charles to forgive him?

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