Pretty Little Liars Recap: Is Andrew Actually Guilty? Plus, How the Liars Coped With Captivity

Pretty Little Liars
The Liars dealt with their escape from captivity in Pretty Little Liars Season 6, episode 2, "Songs of "Innocence." Eric McCandless/ABC Family

Home is where the heartbreak is! 

If the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere was all about rescuing the Liars from Charles and his creepy Dollhouse of Horrors, then June 9’s “Songs of “Innocence” was all about the recovery process as they struggled to readjust to life in Rosewood. Oh, and we finally learned what the heck happened to them in those bedrooms last week. (Spoiler alert: it put the A in awful.) Let’s dig in!

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There’s No Place Like Home

The Liars may be safely back home, but their suffering was still far from over as the girls each attempted to deal with the trauma of what happened in their own individual way. Hanna (Ashley Benson), for instance, gave her bedroom a complete makeover. (Understandable, considering what happened to her bedroom 2.0 down in the lair.) Then there was Spencer (Troian Bellisario), who seemed to be resorting back to old coping mechanisms by way of prescription drugs. Since her mother didn’t trust her to have her own supply of sleeping meds, Spencer decided to steal Aria’s stash. So, you know that’s going to end well.

Shay Mitchell Pretty Little Liars
Emily (Shay Mitchell) opted to pack some heat over at the shooting range to deal with her escape from captivity on Pretty Little Liars.

Meanwhile, Emily (Shay Mitchell) opted to pack some heat over at the shooting range, while Aria (Lucy Hale) decided to unpack some lies in the wake of Andrew’s arrest. After the police finally tracked Andrew down, Aria became desperate to make sure he remained behind bars. So much so that she claimed to have actually seen Andrew’s face down in Charles’ lair. And while it was clear to pretty much everyone that she was lying (hey, it’s not called Pretty Little Truth-Tellers!), Andrew’s guilt feels like a red herring now more than ever, especially since Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) herself doesn’t even seem to think he did it. (That is, if we can trust anything she says.) But if that really is the case, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board, folks!

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Rosewood P.D. Adds A New Member

Though a majority of the episode was kind of on the depressing side, that’s not to say that there weren’t a few interesting twists to help lighten the mood, one of which being the introduction of Toby’s new police partner, Lorenzo (Titus Makin Jr.), who shared a few scenes with Alison (Sasha Pieterse). First, the two were introduced right outside of the police department only to meet again at church (because, yup – Alison goes to church now) and later on at the coffee shop that very same day. The scenes were brief, but it became more than clear that this could be Ali’s new love interest moving forward. The only question is, can he be trusted? Newcomers don’t exactly have the best track record on this show.

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Charles’ Torture Games Are Unmasked

Fans may still not know who Charles is or what he looks like, but Tuesday night’s episode finally revealed what shocking surprise Charles had in store for the Liars in their faux-bedrooms last week. (The key word here being “shocking.”) Basically, Charles forced the Liars to torture each other by making them participate in a series of dark and twisted games, which included things like Truth or Dare, Who Deserves Water Today?, and Who Do You Love More? Refusing to play along was not an option because if they didn’t choose, then everyone would suffer. That’s pretty messed up, even by A’s standards. (Remind Us not to invite this guy to game night, ever.)

Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen Pretty Little Liars
Spencer (Troian Bellisario) seems to be resorting to old coping mechanisms by way of prescription drugs on Pretty Little Liars. Eric McCandless/ABC Family

Ali’s Photo Album Raises the StAkes 

After hearing the name Charles DiLaurentis, Ali didn’t waste any time asking her father about this mysterious part of their family tree. Of course, he immediately denied any such person existed, but it’s clear that Mr. DiLaurentis wasn’t being completely honest here — a fact that was further proven later when Ali looked through an old family photo album only to discover that some of the photos had been removed. (Photos of Charles perhaps?) But who removed the images and why? Mr. D., you have some explaining to do.

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