‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: NeNe Leakes Denies She Tried to Get Porsha Williams Fired

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Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, Nene Leakes, Eva Marcille and Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Annette Brown/Bravo

All is fair in love and war and Atlanta. On the Sunday, December 3, episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak were still going after each other at NeNe Leakes‘ “Girls and Gays” party. (No comment on the theme.) “Worry about you pimping your daughter out for John Legend tickets!” Kenya shouted. Kim completely lost it and broke down in tears as her husband, Kroy Biermann, dragged her outside.

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Cynthia Has Kenya’s Back

NeNe went outside to comfort Kim. “I believe that kids are off-limits,” NeNe said to the camera, though she also argued that Kim kind of brought it on herself for tweeting something about her daughter giving blowjobs (probably a fair point). To the camera, Kim said that Kenya didn’t know “her relationship with Chrissy” (presumably, John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, since the infamous text had been in reference to getting tickets to the Oscar winner’s show).

Kim, Kroy and Sheree Whitfield then headed over to Porsha Williams‘ house to fill her in on the blowout that just happened. “You don’t mention someone’s children, period,” Porsha said. “You need to stay away from her.” Back at the party, Cynthia Bailey argued that Kenya was “on her best behavior” that evening – which NeNe didn’t quite agree with. NeNe said Cynthia “was not woke” to the reality of what had just gone down.

The Bone Collector Visits Kandi

Sheree, aka the Bone Collector, then visited Kandi Burruss to report about the fight between Kim and Kenya at NeNe’s party. (Kandi had missed the soiree because she was in New York shooting a magazine cover.) After getting Kandi up to speed, Sheree told her she was putting together a girls’ trip and asked Kandi to go. Kandi wasn’t all that excited but said she wanted to be supportive of Sheree. In another part of town, NeNe also wasn’t sure about going but her husband, Gregg, told her that he was feeling much better physically and she should go have fun.

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Mother-Daughter Time

Cynthia and her daughter, Noelle, took some quality time together. As they made cupcakes, Noelle revealed that she had changed her plans to move to Charlotte. Cynthia was proud that her daughter wasn’t making life decisions based on a man. She then revealed to her daughter that things were going well with Will, adding that at least he was 41 years old, instead of … you know … 20-something.

Kenya’s Grandmother Passes Away

Kenya’s grandmother, who basically raised her, passed away. Cynthia stopped by to comfort Kenya, whose husband was far away in New York. Cynthia then asked if Kenya would be able to join Sheree’s girls’ trip and Kenya said she wasn’t sure. They left it at that for now but it was fairly obvious Kenya wasn’t going to miss it.

Meanwhile, NeNe took the liberty of inviting Marlo Hampton on the girls’ trip. As NeNe toured Marlo through her closet, Marlo asked NeNe if she would be comfortable being around Porsha. “She told me that the door is closed,” NeNe recounted with a shrug. They then toasted to making the other girls “gag” because they were going to bring so much luggage … umm … more power.

San Francisco or Bust

Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi, Kenya, Sheree, Nene and Kenya all met up to head to San Francisco. “I am determined for this to be a positive trip,” Sheree said, reasoning that if they could just “squash the drama,” that could happen. (Marlo traveled separately.)

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Shortly after arriving, Sheree admitted that she was in love with and sexually attracted to a man who was currently incarcerated. “We’ve been talking on the phone,” Sheree said. “We started going out before he went in.” She then argued she didn’t know he went to prison. NeNe didn’t believe that for one second. Kandi applauded Sheree for opening up to all of them – though no one really commented on her confession about being in love with a con.

The Last Supper

All of the women met for dinner the first night. Everyone was surprised when Marlo walked up. “I don’t remember giving NeNe a plus one,” Sheree said to the camera. Sheree didn’t waste any time, however, saying there was an elephant in the room – and that elephant was NeNe not inviting Porsha to her party.

NeNe and Porsha then got into an argument about which one of them was “angry.” It seemed like they both were. NeNe said Porsha was in anger management and Porsha replied that NeNe needed to be. Within about two minutes the two women were screaming over each other. “This is the same girl who got into a fight with Kenya and I was by her side,” NeNe pointed out to the camera. (ICYMI, Porsha had physically attacked Kenya during a previous reunion.)

“You talk bulls–t every day at your job!” NeNe said. She was referring to some comments Porsha had made during a radio interview. “You sit up and talk s–t about me!” NeNe continued.

“It’s like a full-on war right now,” Cynthia said to the camera, asking, “How did we get here?” (Err, you got there because Sheree brought it up.)

Kenya and NeNe then started going after each other. “I never called and tried to get you mother-f—ing fired!” NeNe shouted at Porsha. “Nobody had your back but me, bitch!”

Kandi mumbled that she’d had Porsha’s back but no one paid any attention to her. “F–k you!” NeNe shouted over Porsha, who was shouting her own string of obscenities in response.

Tell Us: Do you think there’s any hope for this trip to take a turn for the better?

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