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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Bob Whitfield Says He Might Not Have Choked Sheree ‘Hard Enough’

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Desperate times call for desperate measures – which is probably why Phaedra Parks was so set on doing her spiritual restoration service for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Sunday, March 12, episode began with Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams still having it out over Porsha’s claims that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, tried to drug her and take her back to their home with them after a wild night of clubbing together. “This chick said that we tried to drug her!” Kandi shouted as tears came to her eyes. “There’s no limit to how far she would go.”

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Sheree Whitfield said she understood why Kandi was so angry, since these kind of accusations could result in criminal charges. Phaedra, however, wanted to get Kandi to calm down because she didn’t think the situation was all that serious. “Girl, bye!” Kandi screamed at Porsha. (Phaedra’s attempts to get Kandi to chill didn’t go that well.) “Lying a– freak ho, that’s what you are!” Kandi added. Then to Porsha’s boyfriend, Todd Stewart — both Porsha and Kandi are with men named Todd — she said, “You’ve got a freak ho sitting next to you! You better watch out!”

Everyone Seems to Have an Emotional Hangover

The next morning, Kandi called Phaedra to tell her to ask Porsha to hang at the hotel while everyone else went out on a speedboat. Though Porsha had originally assumed everything would be back to normal that day, when Phaedra said she thought it was best she stay back, she didn’t put up a fight. Instead, Porsha reasoned it was for the best,  and she and Todd decided to get a couples’ massage on the beach to decompress as everyone else headed out.

Bob Jokes About Physically Abusing Sheree

During the drive to the boat, someone commented on the fact that Cynthia Bailey and her ex, Peter Thomas (who was also on the trip), seemed to be getting along well. Bob Whitfield chimed in to say that when he and Sheree split, things were not nearly so amicable. “After we split, we went on a trip to Las Vegas and I was driving and she fell asleep and I was like, ‘It would be easy for me to take the seat belt off of you and hit the brakes so she can fly her ass through the window,'” he said. No one was sure how to respond and Bob added, “I never hit her.” Kenya Moore jumped in to say that Sheree’s face said otherwise.

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“Have I ever smacked you? Choked you?” Bob asked Sheree. When she didn’t say anything, he asked again, “Have I ever choked you? For real, I might have forgotten.” By this point, everyone was pretty mortified — especially Sheree, who quietly said, “You have.” Bob responded by asking her if she could still breathe when he was choking her. “I don’t remember choking her, but if I did, I’m sorry because maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.”

Sheree then broke down in tears as Phaedra demanded that Bob apologize, which he eventually did — but the damage was done. “This Bob right here is taking me back to the cheating, the abuse, and I don’t want my girls to ever be treated like that by a man, and here I am thinking I’m going to give that person another chance? I’m f–king stupid,” Sheree confessed to the camera.

Things lightened up on the actual boat ride, though Sheree’s day was ruined, and Cynthia had dressed for a yacht, not a dinky speedboat. Overall, though, it seemed most of the crew had at least some fun, so that was a victory. Back at the hotel, Phaedra told everyone she wanted to have a restoration service to try to ease the tension in the group. Kenya laughed in Phaedra’s face and no one seemed to believe it would do any good, but they all agreed to participate anyway.

The Boys Bond

While the women got busy with their restoration session, Peter, Bob and both Todds headed to the bar for some male bonding. After a drink or two, Bob lamented that it felt “like ice-skating uphill with Sheree” (though he left out the part where he had joked about choking her). He did, finally, admit he messed things up with her and seemed determined to make it right.

The Restoration Service

Phaedra, Kandi, Porsha, Cynthia and Kenya all gathered for their healing session, or therapy session, or whatever it was (it wasn’t entirely clear what it was, to be honest). Soon after sitting down, Porsha addressed Kandi, saying, “You’re upset because of something that I said because I felt it was true and now the truth is hurting you.” Kandi looked like she wanted to murder Porsha, but instead she said, “Please stop trying to turn my tears and me being upset like I care about you at this point. Whether you made it up or somebody that told you made it up, it’s made up.” Kandi went on to say that she was especially hurt by Porsha’s accusations because she felt she had always really supported her.

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“I have promoted you, even when you didn’t promote your own stuff. I was there when you wanted to sing. It’s crazy to me that after all of my support of you that it took one thing — her saying that I said that you had sex with somebody that you did have sex with — for you to throw me under the bus and continue to throw me under the bus and make up s–t about me,” Kandi lamented. Porsha paused and said, “When you say something about me, I’m going to say something about you. In this particular instance, I will say that I wish my response hadn’t been as much.”

Everyone took a moment to process the fact that Porsha had just admitted to lying (kind of, at least), but before that settled, Porsha told Kandi she needed to apologize to Phaedra for saying that she had cheated on her husband. Kandi said she’d never said that, prompting Phaedra to point out that Kandi had never apologized for accusing her of calling the feds on her way back when. (Yes, we’ve come full circle back to that.)

Bob Tries to Buy Sheree’s Forgiveness

Bob then met Sheree at a jewelry store to offer a sparkly token as an apology for what he’d said on the way to the boat. Sheree was over it, though. “Something that you did that was very painful for me, and you’re still joking about it. It wasn’t a joke then and honestly I don’t know if it was a joke yesterday,” she said. She got up and left and to the camera, she said she was “thankful” she’d taken him on the trip. “This was a test and he failed,” she added. “I’m glad I can see now. I dodged a bullet.”

Tell Us: Do you think Sheree is really done with Bob?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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