Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Cynthia’s Marriage Is on the Rocks While Porsha’s Love Life Heats Up

Cynthia Bailey's marriage is in trouble but Porsha Williams' love life is heating up (at least, in her mind it is) Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Them's fightin' words! The Sunday, Nov. 15, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta opened up right where we'd left off — with Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore about to claw each other's eyes out at Cynthia Bailey's eyewear launch party. They continued to exchange unpleasantries until Kenya decided she was leaving. But even after her departure, the drama was just getting started. And the drama's name is Peter Thomas.

That's right, still reeling from the Instagram video scandal (ICYMI: Peter was caught in a compromising situation with a younger woman in a video that posted online) the entrepreneur decided that the middle of his wife's event was a good time to discuss the situation. (Note to Peter: It wasn't.)

Round 1: Peter Versus Kenya

Though it wasn't shown on camera, Peter reported that before Kenya actually took off, he confronted her about showing the video around — never mind that it was online for everyone to see, anyway. "She had no business judging nobody!" Cynthia's husband declared. He then added that he'd told the former beauty queen, "Yes, I was out until 2:30 [a.m.] and, yes, I was drunk, and, yes, I did this. I do own that."

For her part, his wife seemed pretty unmoved. "The video happened. They all saw it. Deal with it," she snapped to the camera.

Round 2: Peter Versus Cynthia

It should come as no surprise that Cynthia was none too pleased with Peter's behavior at her party — or during the Instagrammed night in question. Providing some context, however, she explained that this video didn't even rank that highly on their chart of marital woes.

"We've had financial issues. We've had distance issues now that he's spending time in Charlotte. We need to address our real issues," she lamented to the camera. "After five years of marriage, I don't have time for the bulls—." Sing it, sister.

Still, when she came home from her party, she seemed honestly saddened to discover that Peter had already gone back to Charlotte, leaving her to wonder when she would next see or talk to her better half (though we use that term loosely). "It's exhausting to pretend things are good in public when there are so many issues going on in my private life," she sighed.

Porsha Finds Out Her Assistant Is Pregnant (and Tries to Feign Happiness)

While Cynthia's relationship seemed to be unraveling before her very eyes, Porsha Williams' love life was in full bloom — at least, according to her. Though her business colleagues made it clear that they were concerned about her new relationship, she made it clear she didn't want to hear it. Instead, she opted to throw a surprise going away party for her man, another football player (no!) who is 10 years her junior (double no!). Right around this same time, Porsha learned that her assistant, Lauren, is pregnant, which really seemed to bug her.

"I didn't think Lauren would be a mom before me," a stunned Porsha confessed to the camera. "It's kind of awkward and really different that a baby is coming into the family from her and not me." The emotional blow from this news may or may not have contributed to her rather insane soiree for her 25-year-old beau, Duke.

Porsha Crowns Her Trophy Man — Whether He Likes It or Not

As for the actual party, it went off without a hitch, except for the fact that basically everyone present (including Duke) seemed pretty weirded out by it. "Damn, she's a lot bro," Duke's friend said to the man of the hour as they hid near the bar. "This is over-the-top. I wasn't expecting this at all," Duke replied before adding, "This is crazy."

It seemed that he was tempted to bolt, but his friend told him he couldn't, which was good, because if he'd left early, he wouldn't have gotten his big moment: Porsha literally gave him a trophy and announced to her friends and family that he was her trophy man. "I want to ask everybody to open your heart to what we have, because to me, it's everything," she gushed as his brow beaded with sweat. "I'm giving you the MVP award because you are the MVP to me."

Reactions to the relationship were pretty mixed, but Cynthia summed it up best. "I'm happy for Porsha. The only thing I can say is follow your heart, but take your brain with you." Amen, Cynthia.

Kenya Asks Kim for Help

But Kenya wasn't brawling with everyone. In fact, she was doing her best to befriend newbie housewife Kim Fields … because she wanted Kim to help her with her show, Life Twirls On. Sigh. Calling Kim "an inspiration to black women in Hollywood," Kenya convinced the TV star to take a look at her pilot and consider possibly joining the crew as the director. (She also gave her the helpful piece of advice that "Kahlua is not crack" and if Kim drank it she wouldn't "be strung out on the corner looking for a $5 hit.)

Kim didn't look convinced (about the show, not about the Kahlua), but was too polite to say no outright. "I know that once Kim sees my pilot she's going to be begging to work with me," Kenya vowed to the camera. We'll see about that.

Kandi and Phaedra Make Up, Maybe

In a nice change of pace, a pregnant Kandi Burress and Phaedra Parks met up to talk out their issues, and, for the most part, it seemed they made a lot of progress. Kandi explained how hurt she was that Phaedra acted fine to her face but then talked behind her back, while Phaedra listed her grievances — most of which involved the now-incarcerated Apollo Nida in one way or another. In about two minutes, both of the ladies were crying and vowing to make things different in the future.

"I want our relationship to be what it used to be, but I want you to know that if something like this ever happened again, I want you to reach out to me," Phaedra said before hugging it out.

After she left, however, Kandi's assistant — who had conveniently been on-hand to eavesdrop on the last few minutes of their conversation — expressed his opinion that Phaedra was totally full of it and not genuine. "I think she was being honest," Kandi mused. "I hope."

Tell Us: Do you think Kandi and Phaedra's friendship will stick this time?

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