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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Did Porsha Williams Just Out Kandi Burruss as a Lesbian?

With friends like these … you might need new friends. The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked off 2017 with a Sunday, January 1, episode packed with all kinds of drama. Things started off nice enough when Cynthia Bailey went for a consultation to find out if she needed new boobs to go with her new life. Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield all went along for the ride (and because they all seemed to want to see Cynthia’s boobs).

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Though it had been less than 24 hours since Phaedra and Kandi had their fight, both ladies made a point of being cordial during the outing. In other good news, everyone thought Cynthia’s current boobs were stellar and the doctor confirmed she wasn’t due for a redo of her implants just yet.

Kandi Vs. Block

Later, Kandi went shopping with Mama Joyce to get Riley a 14th birthday present. As they picked out a pair of diamond earrings for the teen, Kandi explained what had transpired with Phaedra. “She better stay nice or she’s gonna reap the wrath of Mama,” Mama Joyce warned. Kandi rolled her eyes but did also tell her mother that Block Spencer had expressed interest in seeing Riley.

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Her mom said whatever contact Riley had with her father should be on Riley’s terms, but Kandi said that since Block’s birthday was the day after Riley’s maybe they could get together for a birthday lunch.

When Kandi presented her birthday gift to Riley, Riley revealed that Block had called her about going out for a meal and asked Kandi to come with them. At first, Kandi didn’t want to, but ultimately (after Mama Joyce volunteered to go in Kandi’s place) Kandi agreed.

Kandi Burruss listens to Mama Joyce Bravo

Noelle Breaks Down in Tears to Peter

Meanwhile, Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle, met up with Peter Thomas for some hot yoga. After the class, Noelle confessed how sad she was over how things had changed since he and her mother had split. Apparently, Peter had not reached out to her and she was upset about it. “You’re like my second father figure, and I thought it was at least worth a phone call,” she said. “It just kind of hurt.”

Peter said that sometimes grown-ups make mistakes and wholeheartedly apologized. “Nobody’s like, ‘Do you miss Peter? How do you feel?'” Noelle said as she started crying. “It seems like nobody cares.” Peter hugged her, and Noelle seemed to feel much better after their talk.

Sheree and Porsha Fan the Flames Between Phaedra and Kandi

Porsha somehow convinced her friend Shamea Morton and Sheree to go to a yoni ball workout with her. (If you don’t know what a yoni ball is, that’s probably a good thing.) Sheree arrived blessedly late and missed the “workout,” but afterward they all chatted and most of their chat revolved around Kandi. Shamea chimed in to say that Phaedra had tried to sleep with her husband when she had been married, but neither Sheree nor Porsha seemed to believe that. Sheree and Porsha then met up with Phaedra for lunch to discuss what they thought about the whole situation.

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Porsha said that some “new information” came out that disturbed her — mainly, it was that Phaedra and Kandi had had a discussion in private back when they were still close, which Kandi then shared with others after things between them turned sour. Sheree told Phaedra that Kandi was running around telling everyone Phaedra had not been sad when Apollo Nida went to jail because she was already with another man. For her part, Phaedra said she thought Kandi was being “malicious.”

They all agreed the only reason Shamea made the accusation about Phaedra trying to steal her husband was because Shamea and Kandi were so close. She then casually mentioned that Kandi was sleeping with Shamea. (Wait. What?)

Porsha Williams reacts to Sheree Whitfield Bravo

Porsha Outs Kandi … Maybe

Porsha and Sheree then set up a lunch meeting with Kandi to confront her about their grievances (which, again, were basically that Kandi was sharing information Phaedra had told her back when they were friends). “I just felt like it should have stayed in that space,” Porsha argued to Kandi, who said Phaedra was just “running” her mouth. “She throws the rock and then she hides,” Kandi added.

Kandi then revealed that Phaedra had also told Porsha about the new man she was seeing before Apollo went to jail. But Porsha just played dumb, arguing she just wanted the “back and forth to be over.” She did add, however, that she did not believe Phaedra had an affair before Apollo went to jail.

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Kandi left but Sheree and Porsha hung out a while longer. Sheree made a reference to something about Kandi in a closet and Porsha jumped right on, saying, “She was in somebody’s closet or still is in one! OK? That’s none of my business.”

Sheree paused and then asked the camera, “Did you just out Kandi for being a lesbian?” Sheree told Porsha she was just talking about Kandi “peeking through a keyhole” and Porsha said that was also what she meant. Right.

Tell Us: Do you think Porsha just outed Kandi as a lesbian?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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