‘RHOA’ Recap: Kenya Moore Calls Kim Fields’ Husband Gay

Real Housewives of Atlanta
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Mark Hill/Bravo

Trouble in paradise! As the Sunday, February 14, episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta began, Kenya Moore was still stewing over the news — as reported by Sheree Whitfield — that Cynthia Bailey had denied their friendship to NeNe Leakes (who had arrived in Jamaica with her husband, Gregg Leakes, the night before). 

Get on the Bus — or Don't

In response to the perceived slight, Kenya opted to skip the group trip to see some of Peter Thomas' old stomping grounds in order to snuggle up with Matt, her boyfriend, at the spa instead.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Peter, NeNe and Gregg, Kim Fields and Chris Morgan, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks, Sheree and Malorie headed off in a bus to enjoy an authentic fish fry and meet Peter's aunt. 

"I never denied my friendship with Kenya," Cynthia explained. "All I said was, 'We are not best friends' — because we are not best friends!" Her tone quickly softened, though, as she started to cry. "I think last night it was clear that I'm excited that NeNe's back in my life, and if anything should have been taken from it, that's what should have been taken." 

She continued on in a sort of manifesto moment. "I want to be good friends with everybody. We all have our different friendships." She did admit, however, "it's never going to be what it is with me and NeNe."

Back at the spa, Kenya explained her view of the situation to Matt. "At the end of the day, I have only tried to build Cynthia up and NeNe has only tried to tear her down." She added to the camera, "I'm devastated because I never thought that she would not claim our friendship. It just doesn't seem like she cares about me at all."

When the group returned to the resort, it was NeNe who went to try to convince Kenya to come down to speak to Cynthia — and she actually succeeded! When Kenya appeared, Cynthia wasted no time clearing the air. "I love you. I made that very clear on the bus. I cherish our friendship. I'm sorry." Kenya accepted the apology and agreed to attend the commercial taping the following day.

Boys Know How to Catfight Too

While the women were getting along smashingly, the men were having a tougher time. Matt revealed that he was only 28 years old, prompting animated reactions from the rest of the group, which included Peter, Gregg and Chris. "I've got jeans his age!" Kim's husband laughed. Matt didn't think that was very funny.

Peter complained that Matt was "standoffish" and speculated, "I don't know if it's because he's with crazy-ass Kenya." When Matt became visibly agitated, Peter fanned the flame a little bit more.

"We got to fix you up," he said. "All that hard-core s–t, you got to slow down with that because right now you're going too hard."

The bickering escalated until Matt suggested he and Peter "take a walk." Peter replied, "You can walk like your girl walked!" And that's when Matt got up and left.

They Call Him Christie

While Kenya seemed to have forgiven Cynthia, she was clearly still holding a grudge against Kim, and when Porsha began commenting about how "sassy" and "high-strung" Chris was, Kenya couldn't help but jump in.

"I know y'all have heard the rumors," she began, prompting all of the women to ask what the rumors were. "They call him Christie!" Kenya announced. "I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I worked with her when she was on Living Single, honey, and I'm not talking about Three's Company." NeNe thoughtfully noted that Chris had told her he was a "Broadway actor."

Though Sheree didn't add to the conversation, she didn't stop it either, and apparently she had a strong opinion about it. "I don’t think it's right for us to talk about Kim or her husband, and she's not here to defend him," she reasoned to the camera. "If he wants to be with boys on weekends and come back during the week and be a family man, then that is his business."

Cynthia Finally Shoots Her 'Mercial

The big day finally arrived for the Cynthia Bailey eyewear shoot and it was clear that Kim (and her assistant, inexplicably named Ham) had everything under control. Kim looked completely calm as she directed all of the women and men to their various spots and told them what to do. In fact, when a huge rainstorm threatened to ruin the day, Kim wasn't even remotely thrown.

The only person who didn't seem impressed with the shoot was (drum roll, please) Kenya, who complained that the call sheet was "amateurish" (it's probably worth noting that she wasn't on it) and spent most of the day on a paddleboard with Matt in the ocean instead of helping on set.

While Cynthia didn't make a big thing of Kenya's bad attitude, she didn't fail to notice it either. "I'm just not really feeling Kenya right now," Cynthia said at the end of the day.

That's a Wrap

Much to Porsha's delight, her man du jour, Oliver, arrived to join her for the rest of the trip. "He is just as sexy as I remembered," Porsha gushed to the camera, but she had some special words for him too. "There are other couples here, but my friend Phaedra is here by herself so I've been hanging out with her," she explained. "We'll definitely have a threesome with her — in a friendly way," she clarified. It didn't seem like the threesome happened, but the wrap party did.

Everyone, except Kim's husband, who'd left to get back to work commitments earlier that day, arrived ready to celebrate the successful shoot. "This is wonderful!" Cynthia exclaimed. "Thank you so much to everyone for participating. Well, everyone didn't participate," she said looking at Kenya, "but we'll get there tomorrow."

The party was going smoothly until Sheree decided to make sure it wasn't. In what has become somewhat of a pattern for her, Sheree felt the need to report to Kim what had been said about Chris.

"Last night you didn’t make it out to the pool. There were some things said about your husband that were not very flattering," she told the director. "I like to keep it real and tell the truth. I just want to let you know that some of the things that were said last night were about your husband being fruity or gay." Oh, Sheree.

Tell Us: Was Sheree right to tell Kim what Kenya said about Chris?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

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