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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Wonders If Nene Leakes Used Drugs

So many elephants, so little time. On the January 14, episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it seemed that none of the women could get along. Kim Zolciak-Biermann met up for lunch with Sheree Whitfield. Most of the conversation revolved around Sheree dating a felon, though Kim managed to casually mention that at some point in the past Kandi Burruss had offered to “lick” her “box” … but Kim hadn’t let her.

NeNe Leakes RHOA
NeNe Leakes Bravo

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Halfway through lunch, they learned Nene Leakes, who had been scheduled to join them, wasn’t coming. “I think there’s a lot of damn elephants in the damn room. Don’t you?” Nene asked over the phone as she explained why she was absent from their date. They both decided that something was “off” with Nene in recent weeks and toasted to their “real” friendship.

Against Her Will

Cynthia Bailey organized a drive to raise school supplies for underprivileged youth – but mainly it seemed like an excuse to introduce Will to her sister and her bestie, Kenya Moore. That’s when Will revealed that he was going to Brazil on a trip. Kenya was quick to point out that prostitution was legal in Brazil – and then to chastise Cynthia for acting like a schoolgirl with a crush. In other words, Kenya wasn’t all that helpful.

Sheree Struggles with Love

Sheree decided to follow Kim’s advice and follow her heart. To the camera, she said that she didn’t believe Tyrone was actually guilty of the things that he’d been put away for – and insisted that she’d seen documents supporting his innocent. When Tyrone called Sheree from prison, she was about as giddy as Cynthia had been when Will stopped by. In other words, she likes this guy … incarcerated or not.

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The Elephants in the Room

Nene organized for an energy reader to help the girls deal with the “elephants” in the room. The energy reader soon zeroed in on Cynthia and said that she thought the man she was dating was, in fact, an opportunist. “Your friends are right this time,” she said. Kim quickly told Cynthia not to get “messed up” by what the reader was saying, and the reader didn’t appreciate that. “When you came in, you went into how marvelously spiritual you are and you’ve been s—ting since you’ve been here.” Kim blasted back by insisting that she was, in fact, from a “higher power.”

As the energy reader turned to Kenya to give some advice, Kim said that this was “some bulls—t.” At that point, Kenya snapped at Kim: “I am really tired of this back and forth, so either we’re going to sit and we’re going to listen or you can leave, because I am tired of this stupid s—t- going on. Who the hell are you?” Nene applauded Kenya for that.

Real Housewives of Atlanta
Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

It didn’t seem like anyone was getting anywhere, which is when Sheree asked Nene if she had an issue with Tyrone. “Let’s be clear. You’ve got mugshots too,” Sheree said to Nene. “I’ve got a mugshot and he’s in prison,” Nene clarified. “Why would you say that? That’s crazy, Sheree!” she shouted.

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Next up were Kim and Kenya. Kenya insisted she didn’t have a problem with anyone until they had a problem with her. “This bitch is the rudest person I have ever seen in my life,” Kenya said to the camera about Kim, who told Kenya she wasn’t interested in talking things out. Cynthia thought Kim was “out of control” and Kim told Cynthia to stop talking and “just be a pretty face.”

Nene Vs. Kim

Nene said she just wanted to figure out what had gone wrong between them. “I don’t feel like you’re yourself,” Kim said. “I really wondered if you were on drugs at your f—king house,” Kim said. Nene asked what kind of drugs and Kim specified pills. Nene then accused Kim of not being supportive and said she realized they just weren’t going to be besties. “It is what it is,” she sighed.

Tell Us: Do you think any of these women will ever solve their problems?

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