‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Phaedra Parks Takes Her Sons to Visit Apollo Nida in Prison

Porsha Williams
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Sometimes the only way to face the unknown is head-on—just ask the Real Housewives of Atlanta. On the Sunday, March 6, episode, it was time for several of the ladies to tread new ground, whether they wanted to or not.

Kandi and Todd (and Mama Joyce) Get Some Sex Tips

As her due date approached, Kandi Burruss trekked to the doctor with her husband, Todd Tucker, and her mother, affectionately known as Mama Joyce, in tow. Though this wasn't Kandi's first child, it was her first son.

"I love my girls, but I'm not gonna lie, I was extremely excited when I found out we are having a boy," she said to the camera. As for her better half, he was excited too … beneath his anxious exterior.

"I'm definitely nervous," he confessed. "I don't want to make mistakes. I want to be a leader. I want to be hero." In other words, he's not putting any pressure on himself or anything.

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After confirming the baby was doing fine, the doctor gave Kandi and Todd some unsolicited sex tips for staying intimate during these final weeks. Neither Mama Joyce nor Kandi appreciated that too much. In closing, the doc asked Todd if he had his push present ready. (Based on his deer-in-headlights expression, the answer was no.)

Kim's Manager Tries to Get Her to Consider Kenya's TV Project

Meanwhile, fresh off her (mostly) successful Cynthia Bailey Eyewear commercial shoot, Kim Fields hopped on a call with her manager, who asked for an update on Kenya Moore's TV project. (Apparently, he hadn’t heard any updates from Jamaica.)

"I looked at it," Kim began. "It's got some potential but I don't think that she and I are going to work well together. We're just like oil and water, so that's off the table."

Her manager considered that and replied, "Certainly people who don't like each other in a social setting find ways to work together." Kim was not going to be swayed, however, so it looked like Kenya was going to have to twirl the project forward on her own.

Later on, Cynthia Bailey dropped by to check out the latest cut of the ad and to get an update from Kim about where things stand with Kenya. (ICYMI, Kenya had claimed that many people in Hollywood believed Kim's husband was gay.) Kim reported that she and husband Chris Morgan had simply "laughed about it" and that, at this point, she wasn't pursuing any sort of relationship with Kenya — which was probably for the best. 

Kenya Grills Matt Over Fondue

Things seemed to be heating up between Kenya and her (much younger) boyfriend, Matt—enough that she actually introduced him to her Aunt Lori. Lori seemed to think he was nice enough but pointed out that her niece usually dated guys with power and money. (To be clear, Matt, a personal trainer, had neither.)

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"With anybody, there's going to be things that are really great and things that fall short," Kenya replied. Later, she added to the camera, "Could he be the one? I just don't know but I'm really scared to death that he may be. He really just may be the blessing that I've been looking for." She then added that even though her "clock is ticking," she didn't want to put her own pressure on someone else.

Cut to a fondue dinner with Matt, which Kenya opened by casually asking, "Do you feel like you're ready to settle down?" Matt said he was because he didn't "have much party" left in him anymore.

"Do you want children?" Kenya shot back.

"Absolutely," Matt said.

"When?" Kenya demanded. "Let's be honest, I'm not a spring chicken. I don't have five or 10 years for frolicking to make up my mind. I've already started the process of medications and saving eggs and things like that." But, um, no pressure.

To his credit, Matt didn't run out the door or choke. Instead he simply said, "It sounds like our time frames are the same."

Phaedra Takes Her Boys to Prison

After learning that her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, had been moved to a "more child-friendly" prison and doing some soul-searching, Phaedra Parks decided it was time to take their sons to see their father.

Because it was unclear whether they would actually be admitted to Fort Dix, the New Jersey prison on the military compound where Apollo was now residing, Phaedra didn't tell the boys where they were going until they'd made the journey to the door. Phaedra's mother joined them for the trip to offer assistance and moral support to her daughter as she made her "pilgrimage" to Apollo's side.

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Cameras were not allowed inside the jail, but their visit was successful. Upon returning to the car, Phaedra reported that the boys were less enthusiastic about seeing their father than she'd expected. "I thought Dylan and Aidyn would be be a little more excited, but they were a little antsy because they didn't have any toys," she later explained.

Aidyn's only comment on the ride home was that he didn’t like his dad's new haircut. (Apparently, Apollo had gotten a mohawk in prison.)

As for Phaedra, she seemed pleased that it was over, but made a point of telling her mom that Apollo said he wouldn't sign their divorce papers. "I'm ready to move on. I see myself happy again. I see myself married again. And I see myself divorced," she explained to the cameras.

Because no Real Housewives of Atlanta episode is complete without some superfluous booty shots, the episode wrapped with Porsha Williams and Cynthia struggling to complete a photo shoot for Porsha's new intimates collection, Naked Lingerie.

Tell Us: Do you think Phaedra made the right call taking her sons to the prison?

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