‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Sheree Whitfield Calls Her Jailed Boyfriend Her ‘Soul Mate’

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Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams went shopping for some fancy French doors for the spa she was installing in her basement. In another part of town, Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore went to visit Cynthia Bailey at her lake house. Kenya got a little misty-eyed talking about her grandmother’s funeral. She said everybody in the family attended, as did her husband, Marc Daly, and that helped comfort her.

Make Love Not War

Sheree and Porsha also happened to chat about the weird glitch between Cynthia and Kenya – and how strange it was that Cynthia found out that her bestie had gotten married by reading it online.

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Meanwhile, Cynthia took the opportunity to tell Kenya that she wanted to meet Marc and that she was angry that she hadn’t met him yet. Kenya insisted that the only reason was that he hadn’t been in Atlanta much. Cynthia seemed to believe that … kind of. Cynthia then shifted the conversation to Sheree’s relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, the guy who is in jail.

One on One

Porsha decided it was time to get serious about love and enlisted the help of a matchmaking service. “I want to focus on someone who is supportive, confident and successful,” she said. She also added that her uterus was “jumping” so she wanted someone who wanted kids – and soon. In addition, she was open to other races, including white and Asian men.

After downloading to the two women in charge of One on One Matchmaking, she gave them a house tour. Included in the house tour were a little boy’s room and a little girl’s room – oh, and a playground. The women from the service told her men would freak out if they saw all of the kids’ stuff in her house. Then they broke the news that she would likely go into this process without having any idea about the guys she would be meeting for dates. Porsha had a mixed reaction to that but seemed game for the adventure.

Still Waters Run Deep

Cynthia went by to check out her ex-husband Peter Thomas‘ new space. Apparently, even though their marriage had ended, she is still a 25 percent owner. Peter estimated that the space would be open in four months – though Cynthia was pretty skeptical considering the space was still basically a concrete hole.

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“You look great,” Peter said, adding that even though she is 50, she looks 32. He then asked about her dating life and she admitted that she met someone she liked but denied that he was her boyfriend. Peter admitted to the camera that they still cared about each other, but they had to “check” themselves because they weren’t together anymore.

Tough Talks

Before her daughter headed off to college, Sheree decided to sit her kids down to discuss her history of domestic abuse with them. Her daughter said that her father, Bob, tried to talk to her about it once, but she had just driven off. Her son said he was surprised because she had never mentioned it. “You need to know that nobody deserves to be mistreated,” she said before specifically telling her daughters to never put up with what she had put up with that. She then admitted that talking to her kids about it was one of the hardest things she’d ever had to do. They told her they thought of her as Wonder Woman and shared a group hug, so overall – success.

Will You Be Mine?

Will Jones sent Cynthia a car service for their date. Though Cynthia was pretty excited about it, Kandi was on guard because she wasn’t sure she should trust Will. Todd Tucker also felt weird because he was such close friends with Peter. They both managed to put their concerns aside, though, to enjoy a day on a boat.

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Will said he understood that it was strange for them to be out with Cynthia and a new man, but tried to push the conversation to a new direction. That didn’t go very well, as Kandi said she knew that Will had done the dating show circuit with full force. In other words, she was skeptical about his intentions with Cynthia. Will said he never taped with one of the dating shows she mentioned. “If he stands the test of time, we will know that he’s the real deal,” Kandi said to the camera. Cynthia politely asked Kandi to stop grilling Will. Good luck with that.

The Blind Leading the Blind

Porsha met up with her first blind date, a guy named Patrick. She nearly ran out the door of the restaurant when she saw him, but instead she stuck around for a little bit. Things got off to a rocky start though they went ahead and got sake bombs anyway. He told her thought most good-looking women were crazy and she told him she had to leave because her mom was staying with her. “I think that’s it for tonight,” she said after about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Sheree was still kindling the romance with the inmate. In fact, when he called her in the middle of a session with her life coach, she took the call. Her life coach didn’t seem too impressed when she revealed that he was in prison. She said she “didn’t give a s–t” about women talking about her and insisted that she loves him. “Is this a fantasy?” the life coach asked. Sheree said it wasn’t. “Tyrone fulfills me more than any man has,” Sheree said to the camera. “I know what we share,” she told the life coach. “He is my soul mate.”

Tell Us: Do you think Sheree’s relationship has any hope of working out?

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