‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Hurl Insults as Party Implodes

Get down with your bad self! In the Monday, July 25, episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the ladies went to a 1970s-themed party hosted by Shannon Beador, but couldn’t escape all the drama from the present day! There were big wigs and bigger fights, so read on to find out what happened on the dance floor and beyond.

How Deep Is Your Love?

The episode began well into Shannon’s party, where Kelly Dodd made her exit by yelling at the host’s husband, “No wonder you cheated on your wife!” The affair and Shannon’s confrontation with the mistress were pretty big plot points before Kelly was even a castmate, so this was some low blow. (We can only hope that Kelly concocted her zinger while reading our old recaps!)

To find out how things devolved to that point, the producers took Us back in the next scene, showing the Beador family shopping for their costumes. The kids giggled about the “puberty talk” they had gotten in school recently, even asking David Beador some very uncomfortable questions. Shannon told the camera that if her kids could ask their father such personal things, it was clear that the family was pretty close. Foreshadowing, much?

Later, Meghan King Edmonds went over to Heather Dubrow’s house to discuss her impending trip to Washington, D.C. She was going to go advocate for colon cancer patients and work with a nonprofit called Fight Colorectal Cancer, and wanted Heather’s help with her speech. Beauty, brains and a heart! We love it!

Heather’s husband, Terry Dubrow, got home then, and she confronted him about his busy work schedule and how he prioritized his job over his kids and wife. Meghan pretended not to hear them arguing, but because her husband was away for work while she went through painful IVF procedures, she was probably the best person for Heather to have around.

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

Meghan’s issues with husband Jimmy Edmonds continued after she left Heather’s. She tried to explain the details of the upcoming procedure in which their embryo would be transferred into her body and he interrupted to tell her that one of their friends was considering making a big vehicle purchase. She sighed, telling the camera that his behavior was making her feel isolated, like he was just “a sperm donor.”

Meghan’s mom came into town for her procedures, at least. Meghan brought her mom to the ’70s party, and guess who else came? Vicki Gunvalson! She said she really needed to whoop it up.

Everyone was dressed in hilarious throwback outfits — Heather even wore roller skates! Everyone was drinking and doing Jello shots, but we know how that usually ends for the ladies of the OC …

One of Shannon’s guests, Jaci, ushered in a little discomfort when she approached Kelly and her husband and started chatting about the time she’d seen Kelly out on the town … with her boyfriend, while Kelly and her husband were separated! Just casual party small talk, right?

“This is kind of a bitch move on her part,” Kelly fumed quietly to the camera.

We Are Family

At one point, Terry bumped into Heather, and she went down hard in her skates, but she wasn’t in the worst pain of all. Meghan, whose egg retrieval was the next day, was sore from her shots. While she sat out part of the party, she and Tamra Judge talked about Vicki, and Tamra revealed that she was ready to be friends with the OG again.

Heather bounced back from the fall, yes, but she wasn’t quite ready to let Terry off the hook. She confronted him about his priorities yet again at the party.

He admitted, “I’m a really lousy father right now.”

“You’re not a lousy father,” she countered. “You’re just not around much.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” he wondered.

They continued to go back and forth in hushed tones while the volume of the rest of the party continued to increase. Vicki and Kelly, in particular, were getting more and more belligerent.

Heart of Glass

Tamra, Shannon and Jaci were gathered in a corner, discussing Kelly with a woman named Nina, when Kelly herself walked in. Frantically, they wondered if she’d heard them. There was a brief confrontation between Kelly and Nina. Kelly explained she was looking for Vicki’s purse, and Nina started shrieking and cursing. Kelly walked away, but later found out that Nina had been the one who moved the purse.

Oh, no.

Tamra left the gossip group and told Kelly she was being talked about. That’s when Kelly’s feelings got hurt, and things got messy. She wheeled around and confronted Nina, who pretended to be so bored by the conversation that she took a phone call while Kelly was freaking out. It was a beautiful reality TV moment.

Shannon jumped in, so Kelly turned her focus to her, and the fight between them that had been brewing for a few episodes finally happened. Shannon tried to ask the brunette to leave, but Kelly stuck around for a while longer, hurling insults.

Paul Drinkwater/ Chris Haston/Bravo

Go Your Own Way

Kelly’s husband jumped to her defense and together, they made fun of every part of Shannon’s party. Heather wheeled by at one point, asking, “What is going on?”

Kelly accused Shannon of inviting Jaci and Nina just to attack her, and in a confessional, Tamra admitted that she could see why Kelly thought the drama might have been staged against her. Meanwhile, Vicki observed that Shannon was in her element now that a fight had broken out, causing David to get in her face and start cursing.

Shannon was hysterically crying, begging David to come back her up, but he was so busy hissing at Vicki from an inch away from her face about how much he hated her that he couldn’t be bothered to go help his wife.

“Shame on you,” Vicki said. “You’re filthy. You’re a cheater and a bad guy!”

Noticing that her pal Vicki was being attacked was what put Kelly over the edge. That’s when she made the crack about Shannon getting cheated on. Shannon countered by reminding everyone that she’d heard a rumor that Kelly had cheated on her husband. They stood on opposite sides of the room screaming about each other’s adulterous marriages.

Vicki whipped out her phone as they left, saying, “I’m calling [Brooks Ayers]. Brooks put me in this goddamn situation.” She left him a nasty message detailing how his lies about having cancer ruined her life.

In an attempt to “salvage the party,” Tamra and Shannon donned bodysuits complete with prostheses resembling certain male body parts, and pretended to go streaking. There were some laughs, but the overall vibe was gone.

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