‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Recap: Dorinda Medley Calls Ramona Singer a ‘Bitch,’ Carole Radziwill Insults Jules Wainstein’s Weight

Go big or go home, especially in New York City. On the Wednesday, May 11, episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies found themselves swirling in a tornado of drama. From psychic readings that sparked waterworks, to birthday parties where tempers soared, it seemed that every event was an opportunity to accuse someone of having an eating disorder or a drinking problem or a boyfriend who’s subpar.

It’s Written in the Stars … or Something

Thinking it would be a fun bonding activity, Carole Radziwill hosted a little get-together for some of the girls to get readings from Kim Russo, a psychic medium. Dorinda Medley, Jules Wainstein, Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer all dropped by for the occasion, though some were more open to the spirit world than others. (Ramona clearly bought every word, while Bethenny could barely hide her annoyance at the whole concept.)

After fawning all over Jules about how she is setting out to be an example to women everywhere, the psychic turned to Bethenny, noting that the Skinnygirl creator was “blocking” her. Before Bethenny could argue, Kim said that Bethenny’s father “doesn’t connect with his heart,” which didn’t impress Bethenny much. The psychic then informed Bethenny that she didn’t see Bethenny getting married again, and Bethenny said she needed to go pick up her daughter from school.

Turning to Dorinda, Kim broke the news that she wouldn’t be marrying her boyfriend, John Mahdessian, prompting Ramona to blurt out, “Thank God.” 

Dorinda was not happy about that. “John doesn’t like you either. He thinks you’re a bitch,” she snapped. While Ramona tried to backpedal in her special Ramona way, Dorinda went on a rampage, ordering her friend to “stop acting like a bitch.” Ramona, clearly startled, told Dorinda she was getting out of control (which, to be fair, she sort of was). “Shut your mouth!” Dorinda screamed. “No one gives a s–t!”

Carole noted she was “embarrassed” by the situation as Dorinda declared that Mario left Ramona for someone else. When Ramona tried to correct Dorinda, she shouted, “Shut up! I’m tired of it, and I’m not putting up with it anymore!”

Somehow Kim defused the situation enough to talk to Ramona about her late father, which quickly brought the normally bubbly blonde to tears. Seemingly touched, Dorinda snuggled up next to Ramona and they made up. Again. For now.

Dorinda Tells John to Grab an Easy Pass Back to Queens

After the psychic reading, Dorinda headed out on a dinner date with the man of the hour: her boyfriend, John. Though things started nicely enough, Dorinda’s mood quickly turned as John insisted, repeatedly, that in his ongoing war with Ramona, he was not in any way at fault. “I’ve been a gentleman,” he repeated over and over as Dorinda became more and more agitated.

“Oh, my God!” she finally snapped. “It’s not about you! I don’t want to talk about you!” John then dramatically stabbed a fork into his meal to indicate the conversation was over.

“Do it again, and grab an Easy Pass to Queens,” Dorinda said before storming out. (To be clear, grabbing “an Easy Pass to Queens” was an insult.) “John is not understanding that I’m sick and tired,” she lamented to the camera. “And he’s part of the reason that I’m done.”

Jules Opens Up to Carole About Her Eating Disorder

Meanwhile, Jules and Carole got together to debrief about the fight between Ramona and Dorinda at the psychic party — but they ended up talking about Jules instead. After Carole asked Jules what the psychic meant when she said that Jules was striving to be a role model for women, Jules first cited being a mother. Unsatisfied, Carole pushed on saying she thought the psychic meant “something bigger.” Finally, Jules opened up about the real reason she hoped to be a role model.

“I’m over 12 years in recovery for an eating disorder,” she said proudly. While Carole was supportive in the moment, to the camera she admitted she “wasn’t surprised” Jules had an eating disorder because she is “very, very, very thin — unnaturally thin.” She also noted that Jules seemed to “care a lot about food” and “puts a lot of food out when guests come over.” Carole shrugged and said, “She definitely has a relationship with food.” (In other words, Carole didn’t seem convinced the eating disorder was behind Jules at all.)

It’s Sonja’s Party, and She’ll Drink Prosecco If She Wants to (And She Wants to)

After getting a bizarre (and possibly illegal) facial, Sonja was ready to celebrate her birthday in style. Pretty much everyone made it out for the big soiree except Bethenny, which was probably for the best — but more on that later.

Tensions were high between Ramona and Luann de Lesseps from the start, as Luann confronted Ramona about telling Sonja that she was concerned about the Countess spending time with her. “Me? A bad influence on Sonja?” Luann gasped. “Are you kidding me, Mrs. Turtle Time?” She then accused Ramona of going around “with a bottle of pinot grigio” up her skirt.

The Real Housewives of New York
The Real Housewives of New York cast Mathieu Young/Bravo

“I’m not like Luann and Sonja, who stay out until 4 in the morning and then bring whatever guys they meet back to the place and drink, and who knows else they do,” Ramona quipped to the camera. She went on to argue, “It’s not a good fit because Luann likes to drink a lot, and Sonja can’t keep up with her. We’re supposed to take Sonja away from drinking, taking her away from being with random men, and all Luann does is add to the influence of both.”

At some point during Luann and Ramona’s conversation, Sonja butted in to say, “You guys have nothing better to do than talk about me!” She didn’t seem the least bit concerned about anything they were saying, however. (Oh, they also got into it about Luann “re-gifting” a necklace to Ramona. The biggest takeaway from that, however, was that Ramona doesn’t know what re-gifting is because it didn’t sound like that’s what Luann had done.)

In any case, the party ended with Sonja revealing her latest business venture, a prosecco called Tipsy Girl. “Booze. That’s the last thing Sonja needs to do,” Ramona said to the camera before commenting that the name was awfully similar to Bethenny’s brand, Skinnygirl.

For her part, Sonja was (or was pretending to be) oblivious to the similarity between her liquor brand and Bethenny’s. “I love the name Tipsy Girl, and I feel like I’m the ultimate Tipsy Girl!” she declared with a smile. “I really wish Bethenny were here because I’d really like to get her opinion.”

While Jules seemed to anticipate that the name might be an issue for Bethenny, Dorinda disagreed. “I can’t imagine this is going to matter to Bethenny,” Dorinda reasoned. “Bethenny is an ocean, and this is a tiny stream.”

Tell Us: Was Carole right to be concerned about Jules’ weight, or did her remarks go too far?

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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