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Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter Disagree on Everything — and Couldn’t Be Happier

What’s the secret to a lasting relationship in Hollywood? Roselyn Sánchez and Eric Winter may have the answer. Sánchez, 46, and Winter, 43, have been together for 14 years and are going on 11 years of marriage. They starred in their first movie together over the summer and loved working alongside each other so much that now, they’ve launched their next project: The “He Said, Ella Dijo” podcast on iHeartRadio.

“We are complete opposites on almost everything, which is really ironic,” the Rookie star says on this week’s “Watch With Us” podcast. “So we’re doing this podcast called ‘He said, Ella Dijo,’ which means ‘she said,’ with Spanish flair. It’s tackling everything about life, our business, pop culture, relationships, family. [We’re] diving into everything with our complete, unique perspectives on all of it.”

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The pair share children Sebella, 7, and Dylan, 23 months, so working in the same city was the goal. The Grand Hotel alum admits they’d ultimately love their own sitcom, loosely based on their own lives. “We’re always trying to find ways of collaborating, working together,” she says. “If we work together, it means that we’re going to be located at the same place and that the family stays together.”

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter attend the Game Changer LaGolda Short Film screening on October 12, 2019. MediaPunch/Shutterstock

The idea came about because they were pitched something else first — a reality TV show.

“For a second, I was like, ‘Ooh.’ Then he’s like, ‘Absolutely not. We’re not doing reality TV.’ So that’s not going to work,” the Puerto Rico native says, joking that her husband is scared they’d end up divorced if they put made their lives that public. “I don’t think I could put all our life out there every week,” he adds with a laugh. “We argue enough about what she posts on Instagram!”

Luckily, they love to work together — and their friends want to see more. “People that know us have been saying this to us for a while. They’re like, ‘You guys are nuts! You fight about everything, in a fun way. You laugh about it together,'” Winter says.

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When the two collaborated on Hallmark’s A Taste of Summer in August, that was revealed. While she likes to stay focused while on set, he gets a bit more goofy.

“We had a blast but our process is very different. This was a light-hearted romantic comedy, so there was no point in us being all crazy serious. I goof around on set and have fun with everybody,” he says. “Roselyn was so serious. I was looking at her like, ‘Why do you look like you want to kill me? We’re working together, we’re supposed to be falling in love!'”

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With that, the Devious Maids alum chimes in: “You’re crazy! We were working. I’m concentrating! You’re ridiculous.”

For more with the couple, listen to the podcast above and tune in to the “He said, Ella Dijo” podcast, debuting on Monday, November 4.

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