Scandal Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: #Swaggerpalooza and a Sex Tape: 5 OMG Moments

Olivia Pope
Olivia Pope helps the President's Daughter Karen deal with the repercussions of a wild night partying in the Oct. 16 episode of Scandal. 

Now this is the Scandal we know and love! On the Oct. 16 episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope found herself at #Swaggerpalooza, a raucous party complete with jello shots and the President’s half-naked daughter. As OPA scrambles to deal with the aftereffects of the First Kid’s sexual exploits, the truth about Jerry’s death comes to light in an unexpected way. Us Weekly breaks down the biggest OMG moments from “Like Father, Like Daughter” episode.

Scandal: President, daughter, Mellie

1. The President’s Daughter Makes the Dirtiest Sex Tape Olivia’s “Ever Seen”

Olivia Pope & Associates had a unique client this week — the First Daughter Karen. Olivia and Quinn scramble to rescue a drugged-up Karen from the back room of a raging party after she escaped her Secret Service detail. They sneak her out past hoardes of teenagers, escaping a potential social media nightmare by having Huck shut down phone service. But just as they think they’re in the clear, Karen gets a text — video proof of her very dirty threesome with two boys. Liv, who has encountered some pretty scandalous stuff in her career, is disturbed. “I just saw the dirtiest sex tape I have ever seen in my entire life, and it stars the President’s teenage daughter,” she breathlessly tells Cyrus. Olivia immediately carts Karen to the White House and right into the arms of her very angry father, President Grant.

While Fitz doles out her punishment, OPA tackles finding the owners of the sex tape — Karen doesn’t even remember her partners. While one of the boys proves easy to convince, the other teen’s parents are not so. The couple wants $2.5 million for the sex tape – they know just how big the scandal would be if it was released. After Olivia gets Fitz to agree to their price, the money-hungry parents decide they want more. But Liv unleashes hell — she vows to assassinate their character on every media outlet in the country. Her speech works — they’re scared into signing a non-disclosure agreement. And with that, the sex tape is no more.  

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2. Olivia and Fitz’s Steamy Encounter

Oh how we’ve missed Olivia and Fitz’s Oval Office encounters. Following three episodes of undeniable sexual tension, Fitz and Liv give into temptation. After breaking down to Olivia about his parenting skills, Fitz kisses her passionately. “Don’t ever leave me like that again,” he tells her,  “I almost didn’t survive, I almost died without you!”

Olivia quickly stops the embrace, though, and admits her little getaway wasn’t a solo trip. Fitz is clearly dismayed to learn that Jake was with her, effectively ending their budding reunion.  But that kiss!

Scandal: President on phone
ABC/Adam Taylor

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3. Smelly Mellie

Fitz and the First Lady finally have the showdown that’s been brewing for months. Mellie encounters Olivia at the White House and storms into the Oval Office to scold Fitz about her presence. He doesn’t hold back — “I have dealt with drunk Mellie… smelly Mellie, and screw-everything-to-hell Mellie, and crybaby Mellie, and eat-everything-that-is-not-nailed-down Mellie and I have not complaiined.” He berates her for “abandoning” their family after Jerry’s death, and then drops the sex tape bomb.  Mellie gets one final jab in, though, telling Fitz: “A sex tape. She takes after her daddy then doesn’t she.”

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4. Rowan Tries to Kill Jake

Rowan Pope is making good on his promise to eliminate Jake — and he’s pulling out all the stops to do so. He’s enlisted Agent Tom to kill Jake. First, a car bomb. Luckily Jake notices before it’s too late, and the car explodes while he walks away.  The former Command is bold — he even confronts Tom about his kill orders. Unfortunately, Jake’s proactive efforts won’t save him from Rowan in the end.

Scandal: Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) and President Grant (Tony Goldwyn)
Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

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5. Jake Gets Blamed for Jerry’s Death

The Secret Service is under review after Karen managed to give them the slip. This isn’t good for Agent Tom — his schedule is in question, and evidence that he was possession of the meningitis strain that killed Jerry is found. While we know that it was Rowan who ordered the murder, President Grant is still unaware. Just as Tom is about to name him, papa Pope pulls a fast one and enters the room. He pressures his  “employee” into telling the President who gave him the order — effectively getting Tom to place the blame not on him, but on Jake. The episode ends with Jake being taken into custody. Let’s hope OPA can get him out of this mess!

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