Taye Diggs Hints About Who May Die in Private Practice Finale


A major character is going to die on the May 13 season finale of ABC's hit Private Private. It better not be Taye Diggs. The charismatic actor, after all, has spent all year wooing fellow doc Addison (Kate Walsh). Meanwhile, his pregnant 15-year-old daughter is fighting for his life after getting into a car accident. Off-screen, Diggs, 39, is wed to veteran Broadway actress Idina Menzel (the two have a eight-month-old son named Walker) and is also helping launch ALPO Real Dogs Eat Meat Handbook (AlpoRealDogs.com). He talks to UsMagazine.com:

Us: Without spoiling it, give a hint about the big death.

People are going to be surprised and saddened.

Us: Cough twice if it's you. Nobody will know.

Well, I will tell you that I've been wanting to get back to New York… nah, I'm just kidding. Of course, it would be great drama to kill me off with my injured daughter in labor.

Us: What else can you reveal about the finale?

A lot of it is dealing with the crazy awful car accident with my daughter being pregnant and trying to put her back together. And there will be good relationship stuff too.

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Us: Your wife plays a saucy high school choir teacher on Glee. Will you appear next season, perhaps?

Not anytime soon. But it's been great watching her. I'm a huge fan of the show. I'm a huge fan of my wife. And then to combine the two…it's actually kind of surreal! But she gets to sing some really great songs and have dynamic duets.

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Us: Is Walker crawling yet? What are his latest milestones?

Today he scooted all the way across the floor in his room, and I felt like he had just won the basketball finals. Oh man, I was so proud of him. He's been working so hard, gasping and grunting and just being a boy. He's going to have a great work ethic!

Us: What did you get Idina for her first Mother's Day?

I got her some gifts, flowers and wrote her a nice poem. She's doing such an amazing job, it's ridiculous.

Us: Any big summer vacation plans?

We'll be back and forth between Los Angeles and New York. And Idina is touring this summer. I'll be wherever she is!

By Mara Reinstein for UsMagazine.com      

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