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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Evans’ Ex Might Still Love Her, Leah Messer’s Twins Face Health Issues

Battle of the exes! On the Monday, February 13, episode of Teen Mom 2, the ladies proved that there is never a shortage of drama when it comes to exes. Kailyn Lowry was still arguing with Javi Marroquin, who was growing closer to her other ex, Jo Rivera. Elsewhere, Jenelle Evans was convinced her ex Nathan Griffith was trying to win her back, but was he?

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Is Kailyn Hurting Someone Else’s Relationship?

Kailyn’s older son, Isaac, was starting first grade, so she and Jo took him to school together. Will she ever be on equally good of terms with Javi, with whom she shares son Lincoln? Maybe, if she ever tries to speak to him!

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Back home, Jo got into an argument with his girlfriend, Vee Torres, who wanted him to make his custody agreement with Kailyn more concrete because Kailyn “changes randomly.”

“I feel like our life is kinda like based around her, and I don’t like that,” Vee vented. What did we tell you about exes?

Jo spoke to Kailyn, who said she was grateful he’d come to her, but they didn’t make any big changes to their custody agreement.

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Is Chelsea’s Bachelorette Party Really 100 Percent Boy-Free?

Chelsea Houska might have postponed her wedding reception after learning she was pregnant, but the bachelorette party was still on! Her friends Chelsey Grace and Brittnee Short took her on a trip for the “low-key” event.

It was sort of low-key because it took place in a remote cabin, but also a little high-key, since there were still plenty of inflatable penises hanging around. As relaxed as the vibe was, Chelsea’s friends totally failed at her one request: She asked them not to say anything about her future baby’s gender in front of the MTV cameras. They only lasted about a day before they accidentally let it slip while they were driving that she’d need to get the new baby suspenders for her wedding, causing a producer to yell through the dashboard-mounted camera, “Does this mean there will be antlers in the nursery?!”

She wouldn’t confirm if she was having a boy, but since this was filmed months ago, we can go ahead and confirm that for you.

Does Leah Have Two Sick Kids?

During the last episode, Leah Messer was in tears over daughter Ali’s muscular dystrophy and deteriorating health. During a routine doctor’s visit, Ali was shown to be stable, and Leah was told to be hopeful. Still, moments later, the doctor suggested testing Ali’s twin, Aleeah, for the gene, causing Leah to worry about something she hadn’t even thought of before.

“The possibility of her even having it is worrisome to me,” Leah said on the phone to a friend before vowing to not “overthink it.”

Is Nathan Still in Love With Jenelle?

Jenelle’s whole plot this episode revolved around her conviction that Nathan wanted her back. Where did she get that idea? Oh, he texted her and asked her to call so they could talk about their son, Kaiser, and come to an agreement about the best ways to discipline him, so Kaiser wouldn’t have such a hard time adjusting whenever he switches houses.

“I guess since he broke up with Jessica, he thinks he might have a chance with me back,” she mused to boyfriend David Eason. When David went to pick up Kaiser a few days later, he all but ignored Nathan completely.

In her next scene, Jenelle said that Nathan had called a friend of hers to talk about how he thought they’d get back together one day. When cameras caught up to Nathan, he said that David had sent him a “nasty text message” about how he looked “desperate.” Nathan admitted in his text back that, yeah, he was “jealous and bitter” that their relationship worked out when his and Jenelle’s didn’t, but even if he hadn’t said as much, the fact that David is in his phone as “Uncle D-Bag” was proof enough for Us.

Still, to a producer, he swore that he wouldn’t want to be with Jenelle again “in a million years.”

Tell Us: So does Nathan still love Jenelle or what?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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