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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry Fights Javi Marroquin, Chelsea Houska Moves Wedding

What to expect when you’re expecting? On the Monday, January 30, episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska served as a case study in the two very different ways pregnancy announcements can be received on reality TV.

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Jenelle vs. the Haters

At the top of the episode, Jenelle was finally admitting that, yeah, she was pregnant. She was mad that she had to confirm the pregnancy before she wanted to because a leaked police report had all but made the announcement for her. She revealed to producers that she hadn’t wanted people to find out that way because she didn’t want to get negative feedback from her online “haters.” (She was so obsessed with her privacy that throughout the episode, she refused to tell her own mom, Barb Evans, even though Barb already knew.)

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Jenelle said, “Everyone was happy for Chelsea, then everyone’s like, ‘Why is Jenelle embarrassed to come out with it? Chelsea did it right the first time.’ Well, I mean, we all are on a show called Teen Mom, so, no, we didn’t do it right the first time.”

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She wasn’t wrong. In the next scene, her ex Nathan Griffith was seen talking about the pregnancy with his friends. The conversation wasn’t exactly positive or encouraging, but he was optimistic that he could have more time with their son, Kaiser, as a result.

Chelsea vs. Wedding Planning

Chelsea was really nervous about her upcoming nuptials and how her pregnancy could impact them, so she asked fiancé Cole DeBoer how he felt about just having a civil ceremony and saving the big reception until their first anniversary. Cole, luckily, told her he liked the idea, as did her father. As it turns out, everyone was so excited for the impending arrival of a new bundle of joy, no one could care less about when the reception happened!

There were no issues for Chelsea, but for her daughter Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, there were a few. At a T-ball game, producers were able to catch up to him and ask why he bailed on filming by driving away despite having promised to film during the previous episode.

“I can do whatever I want,” he said. OK, Adam!

He went on to insist that the producers make him look bad, so they reminded him he was the one who drove away and locked them out of the house on planned filming days. He simply doubled down on his assertion that the “editing room” is the reason he looks like a jerk, so again — OK, Adam.

Leah vs. the Flood

After the devastating floods in her area, Leah Messer found out that her daughters’ school would be closed for an unknown amount of time, but kids who were displaced could be combined with classes at a nearby school. Not wanting the girls to miss out on the start of first grade, and not wanting them in a class of 40 to 60 displaced kids, she considered reaching out to their dad, Corey Simms, about them starting school in her district. She hoped that their recent steps forward as coparents would help persuade him.

Ultimately, they decided to send the kids to the school set up near Corey for displaced kids, just to keep their relationship friendly and to not inconvenience him. Leah seemed disappointed but said it was better for the girls in the long run if her relationship with Corey was left unstrained.

Way to put the kids first, Leah!

Kailyn vs. Javi … Again

“I’m not filming about it. I’m not filming for the rest of the day. Like, I cannot. I physically cannot.”

That’s the audio that started out Kailyn Lowry’s segment of this week’s episode. The only footage was of the outside of her house. She had gotten into a fight with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and sent one of her kids away to be with his dad, her other ex, Jo Rivera.

Little Isaac cried the entire time as Jo came to take him away for the week, while Kailyn all but melted down in the driveway. Isaac continued to cry at Jo’s house because he missed Javi, so Jo promised him that he’d make sure the child got to see his other father figure.

Later at his hotel, Javi revealed that he had gone over to the house he once shared with Kailyn in order to get some of his things, and he saw another man there. Javi and his friends said they realized they’d caught Kailyn in a lie about where she was and who was with her, which is when everyone started yelling. Ultimately, he seemed most upset that he came home from deployment to find his stuff in the garage, her with other men and her kids more confused than anything.

Javi wondered how she could possibly focus on having other men over when her kids were so obviously upset by the divorce.

Tell Us: Does Kailyn have her priorities straight?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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