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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry Hangs Up on Husband Javi, Jenelle Evans Suffers From Mysterious Illness

Prayer circle for Jenelle Evans! North Carolina’s resident lawbreaker had a mysterious health scare during the Monday, May 23, episode of Teen Mom 2, and flew all the way to New York to get to the bottom of her symptoms. Meanwhile, Leah Messer found out some disturbing news about how her daughter, Ali, was being treated at her dad’s house; Chelsea Houska‘s baby daddy skipped out on a father-daughter bonding event; and Kailyn Lowry dealt with major marital issues.

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Inside Jenelle’s Mysterious Illness

Please try not to panic, but Jenelle appears to have something seriously wrong with her. Like, her body just cannot even. With symptoms including “hot flashes,” “numb fingers,” “eyes hurt,” “eyes feel huge,” “feeling of being in fog,” “cannot spell,” “uncontrollable body jerks at times” and “weird sweats,” Jenelle feared she was suffering from a thyroid issue (or possibly MS) and flew to New York City to get professional help after being flagged as a narcotic addict in North Carolina. “I said I was addicted to heroin, I was addicted to opiates,” she complained to her mom while Jace sat in the back seat. “I had nothing to do with benzos!”

Jenelle also seemed concerned about the possibility of Restless Leg Syndrome, saying, “I have Restless Leg Syndrome! I can’t even walk right now because my knees and joints hurt! Something is wrong with me — I think I have MS, I swear to f–king god.”

Unfortunately, doctors in NYC weren’t able to give her results before the end of this episode, and Jenelle was clearly frustrated. “I just feel so helpless, and I feel like nobody even cares,” she told her boyfriend, David Eason. “I just want this pain to go away.” It should also be noted that Jenelle said, “I feel like I have Spidey senses” and mentioned being able to “see molecules,” so it’s possible she’s a superhero.

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David Eason Stirs That Pot Like It’s His Job

In other Jenelle news, it looks like she and her mom, Barbara Evans, are once again talking ― but Barbara wants more respect from David, who’s totally Team Jenelle. “He needs a father figure in his life because he’s gonna grow up to be a man,” David wisely noted. “He’s not gonna grow up to be a woman who starts drama with everyone.” Um, rude.

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Are Kailyn and Javi Heading for Splitsville?

Kailyn and Javi are falling apart! Teen Mom 2’s cutest couple had a major communication breakdown while Javi was away on deployment, with the man of the house accusing his wife of being cold and lacking in emotion. “What emotions go through your body?” Javi asked Kailyn during a FaceTime. “Honestly, I just feel like you don’t care … It would be nice if I could share some of my stories … You just don’t even ask how I’m doing.” Kailyn’s response? “I’m gonna hang up now because that’s bulls–t.”

Meanwhile, Kail decided to reach out to Vee (a.k.a. Jo Rivera‘s girlfriend) for some one-on-one bonding time, and the reality star wasted no time 1) saying she no longer wants a third child, and 2) complaining about her husband. “We run out of things to talk about — I can’t relate to what he says,” Kailyn explained. “He gets upset with me because I don’t show emotions. I never do.”

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Leah’s Sister Calls Miranda a “Lazy Bitch” Over Treatment of Ali

So much tension, so little time! Despite trying her best to stay positive, Leah was visibly annoyed with her ex, Corey Simms, for implying that their daughter, Ali, was under weight. Corey seemed to think Ali wasn’t eating, but Leah maintained that she was eating just fine at her house — which means maybe the issue is more to do with him.

To make matters worse, Leah got a call from her cousin, Chastity, who recorded a conversation Ali had with her about Miranda, Corey’s wife. “Miranda always gets mad at me ’cause my backpack’s too heavy,” Ali (who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy) says on the recording. “I give her my backpack when it’s too heavy outside. When we’re going inside. And she says, ‘Ali, I have to hold a baby.'”

Leah was clearly upset by Ali’s recording, and her sister encouraged her to speak up, saying, “The lazy bitch needs to pick the backpack up and carry it for her … Just because they didn’t come out of your t–t like Remi did, doesn’t mean you treat em any different.” <3

Adam Ditches Aubree’s Father-Daughter Dance

Dad of the year? Not so much. Chelsea’s ex, Adam Lind, had a huge parenting fail thanks to ditching Aubree’s father-daughter dance at school. And yes, Chelsea most definitely sent him a reminder text. The good news is that Chelsea’s fiance, Cole DeBoer, stepped up to the plate and took Aubree to the dance in Adam’s place, and they had a fab time — though not gonna lie, we shed a tear when Aubree said, “My other dad didn’t come.”

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