‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry’s Exes Coparent Without Her, Jenelle Evans Reveals Pregnancy to Barbara

Ex-ceptionally awkward! On the Monday, February 6, episode of Teen Mom 2, some of the moms were having problems with their exes. For Kailyn Lowry, it was difficult to coparent with Javi Marroquin when she didn’t want to see him at all, but for Chelsea Houska, it was difficult to coparent when Adam Lind skipped milestones like, you know, their daughter’s first day of first grade.

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Leah’s Problems Follow Her to California

After a bunch of deliberation about where to go, Leah Messer was finally taking her girls on vacation to California. She knew the school year would be “hectic” because the schools would be brimming with kids displaced by recent flooding, so she wanted them to have a great time.

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To make sure they had fun, she had to bring along Ali’s wheelchair, but was adamant that she wouldn’t allow it to make the little girl feel any different from her sisters, on vacation, at school or anywhere. Even though Ali wasn’t having trouble maneuvering around their resort, Leah, while trying to relax at a restaurant, was stressing over how to let Ali keep feeling independent and how to handle any health deterioration that might come their way.

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The young mother of three started to cry. “Whatever happens is going to happen, and I’m going to be her mommy no matter what,” she said as she dabbed her eyes.

Kailyn’s Exes Coparent Without Her

Since Kailyn wasn’t interested in interacting with her ex Javi, her other ex, Jo Rivera, had to step in. After all, his son with Kailyn, Isaac, still wanted to hang out with Javi, regardless of the fact that Kailyn was icing Javi out. Essentially, Javi and Jo were coparenting. No, we aren’t kidding. Kailyn’s exes actually took the kids to get ice cream together because she couldn’t be bothered to see Javi.

See, Javi, too, was worried about Isaac. He fumed to a friend that Kailyn didn’t even care that her son was so torn up about losing his secondary father figure.

For her part, Kailyn wasn’t really featured in this episode, just like last week.

Chelsea Houska, Janelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Meser Drew Reynolds

Chelsea’s Ex Has a Point to Prove

On the first day of daughter Aubree’s first-grade class, Chelsea Houska was overjoyed, and she kept that momentum going when she went to cheer the 7-year-old on at a T-ball game a few nights later.

She was a little angry that Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, showed up to the game, which was filmed, but didn’t bother showing up to the little girl’s first day of school, which was not. After how mad he got at producers last week for supposedly making him look bad that time he drove his car away from their scheduled filming, his sudden, recorded interest in being Dad of the Year doesn’t quite surprise Us.

In case you were suddenly Team Adam, MTV did use the “Previously on Teen Mom 2…” segment at the top of the episode to remind viewers that he is way behind on child support payments.

Jenelle’s Pregnancy Is the Worst-Kept Secret Ever

Though they still hadn’t announced her pregnancy, Jenelle Evans and boyfriend David Eason went to get a sonogram and learned they were having a girl. The happy — like, super-happy — couple went out to eat after the appointment, which is when they picked the name Ensley. (They stuck with it too; when the baby was born last month, that was the name they gave her.)

Next up, they got their pregnancy-announcement photos taken. It was so obvious that they were in love and very excited to welcome Ensley to the world! There was just one problem: They still hadn’t told Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, or Jenelle’s sons, Jace and Kaiser. So Jenelle got lunch with her family members to break the news. Yes, it was a full 24 hours after Jenelle posted the announcement to Instagram, but it was better late than never.

Well, “better late than never” isn’t quite true. Barbara was extremely hurt that Jenelle hadn’t told her sooner, even though she’d asked repeatedly if there was a baby on the way. Barbara revealed she’d even cried when confronted by coworkers about the pregnancy rumors in the tabloids.

Tell Us: Was Jenelle wrong to wait to tell her mom?

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