Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Is Arrested for Domestic Violence

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans was arrested on domestic violence charges during the Sept. 17 episode of Teen Mom 2.  

A pregnancy announcement, hunting for buffalos, and a brand-new mugshot can only mean one thing — another episode of Teen Mom 2! In the Thursday, Sept. 17, chapter of the hit MTV series, the ladies continued to go through their ups and downs. 

But this time it was Jenelle Evans who got the worst of it when she once again landed behind bars. Here’s what happened:

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska talks to her daughter, Aubree, on Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea Houska

In this week’s installment the worst thing in Chelsea’s life was the baby talk voice that she and her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, used when they were together. Seriously, guys, it was intense. 

But with her sweetheart set to move in, Chels was in hog heaven (and we’re not just talking about Pete the pig). Her baby girl, Aubree, even made Cole a Father’s Day card, drawing him as a pink stick figure — virtual mom porn. 

Sadly, poor Aubree was not able to spend Father’s Day with her real dad, Adam Lind, who decided that that particular weekend was the perfect time to take a trip to Denver. So Aubree was forced to spend the weekend with Grandma Lind while Chelsea and Cole went to her family’s cabin for some rest, relaxation, and buffalo hunting — no, really. 

Chelsea told her dad that she had no plans to tell Adam about Cole moving in, which is fair considering he’s had a slew of ladies inhabiting his home since their split. But the redheaded Midwesterner was concerned about Aubs wanting to call Cole “dad.” 

“She said she wants to call Cole ‘Dad’ when he moved in, but I don’t know,” Chelsea told her dad. “I just wish he would go away now — Adam. Like, we don’t need you anymore.”

Later Chelsea tried to gauge how Aubree was feeling, and the precious little girl made a heartbreaking statement. 

“I wish my dad was going to act like [Cole],” she said, as Chelsea looked on helplessly. Sob.

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry has a conversation her husband, Javi Marroquin, on Teen Mom 2.

Kailyn Lowry

Though she spends many days in front of the camera, Kailyn took on a new challenge this week — auditioning for her school’s broadcast news channel. 

“I’m going to find some way to put you to work,” her teacher assured her after a shaky audition. And that was putting it mildly when Kailyn was given the position of news anchor. 

But while her school life seemed to be going smoothly, Kailyn’s frustrations with her ex Jo Rivera were reaching a breaking point. Jo got the time of Isaac’s soccer game wrong, forcing the little one to miss the entire thing. 

“My mind is still trying to process everything,” a fuming Kailyn told her husband, Javi Marroquin, in the car later. 

“He didn’t even get to play,” an upset Javi, who is also Isaac’s coach, exclaimed. 

Not only did Jo flake out on the soccer game, but he also opted out of attending Isaac’s preschool graduation ceremony. 

“Jo came down here saying he wanted to be closer to Isaac, and he wanted to be part of Isaac’s daily life,” Kailyn said. “He forgot to bring Isaac to Isaac’s game, so he missed his whole soccer game, and now he missed his son’s preschool graduation.”

Jo’s only excuse was that he felt tension between himself and Kailyn, and wanted to avoid that on Isaac’s big day. 

“He can say that there’s tension all he wants, but when you ask for huge favors like [not going to court for custody] and then spit in my face, I don’t know what to say,” Kailyn said.

“Take his ass to court,” Javi declared. Uh-oh, trouble’s brewing in Delaware. 

Leah Calvert recap
Leah Messer FaceTimes with her kids from rehab on Teen Mom 2.

Leah Messer

After several failed attempts, Leah finally checked in (and stayed in) her rehab treatment facility. She FaceTimed her three daughters from the clinic, which only turned into a meltdown tantrum from Ali and plenty of tears. 

While Leah was working on herself, her ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda, had some big news for the twins — they’re pregnant! Ali Grace spoke some wise truth when she announced: “I can’t no more have no babies. They make a mess.” Amen, sister, amen. 

Corey was still concerned about Leah, but explained his plan to Miranda, saying, “My goal is to parent them the best I can so whenever they grow up, they’ve got a chance.”

The concerned father asked Jeremy Calvert to meet up the day before he finalized his divorce from Leah. Jer Bear was grinning like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he announced his divorce. 

“I feel like my old self again. I was miserable,” Jeremy said. “She went from being normal to a complete 180 — prescription pill problem.”

“This drug issue that everybody knows she has is swept under the carpet,” Corey added. “We’re the fathers of her children. If it was us, we would never see our children again.”

“We’d be crucified,” Jeremy agreed. 

Though the two dads shared some back and fourth at Leah’s expense, Jeremy finally admitted what was fueling his divorce and stress.

“My biggest fear is she’s going to keep getting away with s—t until one of these nights, me and you are gonna get this f—ked up phone call cause Mommy done made a big boo boo,” he said. 

But Leah wasn’t letting the negativity get her down.

“With Jeremy and I, just like, something just didn’t feel right,” she told her family over the phone. “And I stayed because I didn’t want the embarrassment of another divorce. But you know what, I’m letting it go.”

Leah felt like her treatment was really helping, and even mama Dawn Spears could hear an improvement in her daughter’s voice. 

“She sounds so good. I’m proud of her,” she said. Keep up the good work, Leah!

Jenelle Evans recap
Jenelle Evans talks to her mom, Barbara, on Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans

Another day, another relationship setback for Jenelle. The mother of two revealed that she had started hooking up with Nathan Griffith again, but that he was also seeing another girl. 

Jenelle went to confront Nathan at the gym, which, you know, “gym time equals me time,” and it didn’t go well. 

“I just want him to love me,” Jenelle sobbed after the shouting matching. 

Nathan came over after his workout (though he did miss abs!) to talk things out with his ex-fiancee. 

“You’re going to sleep with me and cuddle with me last night, having your boner up against my back!” Jenelle shouted. 

“You have no filter,” Nathan spit back. Umm, duh. 

The iron-pumping former Marine then resorted to his favorite insult: “You’re trailer trash. You’re not special. Why would I have anything to do with you?”

At a loss for what to do, Jenelle turned to her mom, Barbara, for some sage wisdom. 

“Lately he’s been dropping [Kaiser] off at daycare so he can go on a date with her,” Jenelle told Babs. 

“Oh my god, don’t do that!” Barbara exclaimed. 

“I don’t want to discuss it,” Jenelle said firmly. “One day he wants to be with me and then next day he doesn’t.”

Instead, Jenelle tried to focus on the positives. 

“It makes me happy that no matter how hard of time I’m having in life, I still complete school and am not giving up,” she said. 

“Especially now that it looks like you’re going to be a single mother,” Barbara added. Way to be a downer, Babs! 

But the back patting was short-lived. Nathan brought his new lady friend over when he stopped by to pick up Kaiser, causing yet another argument. Jenelle showed her friend a bruise on her butt, claiming Nathan hit her with his truck. 

Then later she went over to her ex’s house where he demanded to see her phone. 

“I guess he has a scratch or two on him from me wrestling him to get my phone,” Jenelle told her pal after revealing there was a warrant out for her arrest. “I just have a month left of school to graduate, and this is a big setback. It’s like I’m at the finish line, and he’s preventing me from crossing it. He knows I have everything going for me right now and I don’t need any of this.”

Luckily, Jenelle’s lawyer, Amy Lawrence, stepped in and offered some much-needed real talk. 

“This should have never escalated to this level, and it can’t happen again because your child deserves better than that at the end of the day,” Amy said (while rocking some hot pink lipstick, we might add). “When everybody’s broke up and their hearts are hurting, you guys are using your baby as a pawn. I know he’s doing it, and I know you’re doing it. It’s just how it goes and that’s not the game we’re going to play because the only person it hurts is Kaiser.” 

Then she said the words that Jenelle has needed to hear since this show began: “You don’t have to have a man to be complete.”

“That’s what I need,” Jenelle agreed. “I need to heal myself. Finally when I’m about to heal, he pops up in my life.”

“You’re getting played, you know that right?” Amy asked. (Seriously, can someone buy this lady a drink?) The episode ended with Jenelle scoring her 14th mugshot, and all of us wondering this season’s biggest question — Will Jenelle ever get peace?

Teen Mom 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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