‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Jenelle Evans’ Pregnancy News Gets Out, Chelsea Houska Isn’t Getting Child Support

Baby bump alert! On the Monday, January 23, episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was trying to hide her pregnancy, as Chelsea Houska was still celebrating hers. Meanwhile, the other moms were having baby daddy drama, as usual.

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Leah Tries To Plan a Getaway

Leah Messer was finally moving after weeks of packing and stress! She was officially a homeowner, not a renter, which meant she got a lot of hugs from the producers who have watched her grow for the last eight years.

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To celebrate, she wanted to go to Mexico on vacation. She reached out to Jeremy Clavert to ask if their daughter, Adalynn, could get a passport. Jeremy called her other ex, Corey Simms, as soon as he got the text, which was before Leah had even sent her own text to Corey. This caused Leah to accuse Corey of trying to “start something.”

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Corey ended up being cool with the girls going to Mexico anyway, so the vacation plans got underway!

Chelsea Tries to Collect Her Child Support

Pregnant Chelsea took daughter Aubree to a local turtle pond to giddily talk over plans for when the baby would arrive, and then they made a chore chart together. It was all pretty cute, but Chelsea was dealing with some deeper stuff. Namely, Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, hadn’t been paying his child support regularly. Adam’s other ex, Taylor Halbur, texted her to say he was going to court that week because he wasn’t paying her child support, either.

That left Chelsea to wonder what her options were to get her money and what she should do.

Later, producers met up with Adam, who was still busy complaining that no one ever filmed him doing anything positive and who claimed he was totally caught up on child-support payments. They spoke about how they could portray him in a way that made him happy, and reached an agreement, but when they showed up to film him after that, he snuck out of his house and drove away.

Kailyn tells Javi she wants her house keys back MTV

Jenelle Tries to Hide Her Pregnancy

Jenelle and boyfriend David Eason spent one scene dancing around the topic of a “good shock” they’d recently had, followed by them giggling to each other. His hand was on her stomach, and after she admitted she was afraid of what people would say when they learned her mysterious secret, she gestured to the camera and said they couldn’t talk too openly about whatever the surprise was anymore.

“I’ll just start wearing big hoodies from now on,” she said coyly.

Hmmmm, what could Jenelle possibly be keeping from Us? Producers wanted to know, so they sat her down to ask if she had “any news,” then straight-up asked if she was pregnant. She denied it vehemently, so the producers dropped it, but a few days later, she and David got into a minor collision, and the police report, which stated that the woman in the car was pregnant, was leaked to the press. With that, pregnancy rumors started floating around online.

Jenelle scrolled miserably through tweets from strangers insisting she should “close her damn legs.”

David and Jenelle react to MTV Producers asking them if they are pregnant MTV

Kailyn Tries to Move Forward

Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, kept coming over to get his old things. Whenever Kailyn had to talk to him, she was either super biting and harsh or totally dismissive. She eventually told him he had to hurry up and get his stuff out, so she could go to Starbucks, which seemed to hurt him. When he asked if their failing relationship ever crossed her mind, she just shook her head.

Meanwhile, her other ex, Jo Rivera, vented to his girlfriend, Vee Torres, about his worries that his son with Kailyn, Isaac, might be feeling confused and left behind by the divorce. He wanted to be sure that Isaac and Javi maintained a solid relationship because Isaac loved the other man so much. Vee agreed that it would be “heartbreaking” for Isaac to think that he was no longer wanted in Javi’s life just because Kailyn didn’t get along with him anymore.

Luckily, Javi seemed more than willing to still interact with both Isaac and his own son, Lincoln.

Kailyn, on the other hand, was not more than willing to interact with Javi. Instead of even allowing him in her house to drop the kids off after hanging out, she went to get them herself and took his keys, effectively shutting him out completely, even though his house wasn’t ready, and he was living in a hotel after getting back from deployment.

Tell Us: Is Kailyn being too harsh with Javi?

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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