Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Bookout Quits When Farrah Abraham Returns

Maci Bookout
Maci Bookout tells MTV camera crew that she's going to quit if Farrah Abraham returns to Teen Mom OG. 

The bearer of bad news! Teen Mom OG fans learned in last week’s episode that Farrah Abraham had officially returned to the show, and in the Monday, April 27 episode, the rest of the cast is informed of the producers’ decision. 

Amber Portwood seems totally fine with the former porn star coming back, telling a producer, “Good, she shouldn’t have been taken off in the first place. No matter how much I don’t like somebody, we’re different now. She has a good story to tell. We’re all very different stories.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who feuded with Farrah on the Couple’s Therapy reunion, also seem optimistic about their costar’s return. 

“It doesn’t bug me at all,” Catelynn says. “Our beef is gone. She can be a good person.”

But Maci Bookout is not able to get past the big reveal. Here’s what happened:

Maci Bookout

The instant the pregnant-again Tennessee mom finds out that Farrah will be returning to Teen Mom OG, she’s furious. 

“If this is true, I’m done,” the redheaded college grad declares. “I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not going to have my 6-year-old son on a show with someone who did porn.”

Maci’s live-in boyfriend and future baby daddy Taylor McKinney weighs in on the matter, adding, “Everything that [Maci]’s trying to build and the message that she’s trying to portray — that being a young mother is hard — she feels like every time she takes a step forward in that, being linked to Farrah it takes her two steps back.”

Bentley’s mom nods her head in agreement, noting, “I’m actually really mad. My feelings are hurt. This is bulls—t. I’m not doing it. You’re not going to talk me into it. There’s no discussion. This is it. I’m pissed off. I’m really, really mad. As far as I’m concerned, you guys can leave now. This is over. I’m done.”

And from that point on, we don’t see anymore of Maci or little Bentley. The crew turns up at Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards’ house, but we quickly learn that the dip-spitting baby daddy is pretty dull without his ex around. Hopefully, MTV can work things out with Maci soon because we can’t go another week without hearing her shout, “Bent-Ley!” in her Southern drawl. 

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham kisses her daughter Sophia on Teen Mom OG. MTV

Farrah Abraham 

Oblivious to the turmoil she’s creating, Farrah has her own fish to fry. Her mom Debra calls her, asking for money for a $8,015 facelift. And on top of that, Debra is ready to move into her daughter’s Austin, Texas mansion. 

“I feel like my mom is just around me to suck up and use me,” Farrah explains to her new neighbor friend. Ummm, ya think?

Plus, Farrah’s got a new boyfriend named Simon, who’s into real estate. And true to form, the erotic novelist already seems to be moving pretty fast. 

When her daughter Sophia asks when her mom is getting married, Farrah replies, “Keep asking God, and then it will happen. Who knows? Maybe that’s why I met Simon.” Dang girl, calm down, you can’t even get FaceTime to work.

Catelynn Lowell Teen Mom OG
Catelynn Lowell tests her sugar levels at her baby shower on Teen Mom OG.

Catelynn Lowell

With baby Novalee due any day, Catelynn is distraught to learn that she has gestational diabetes, which could lead to her daughter having childhood diabetes. That doesn’t stop her from chowing down at her baby shower, where her sugar levels reach a new high. 

But thankfully, little Novalee is born safely and her overjoyed parents bring her home. The moment is particularly sweet after the couple chose to place their first daughter Carly for adoption in 2009. 

amber portwood and new bf
Amber Portwood and her new boyfriend Matt Baier appear on Teen Mom OG.

Amber Portwood

Surprise! Ambie’s got a new man in her life — her long-distance boyfriend Matt Baier. He’s 19 years older than her, a former addict, and seems to be pretty smitten. After a slightly awkward introduction to the MTV team, Amber relies on her new partner in crime to help her deal with her ex Gary Shirley, who is being more controlling than ever when it comes to their daughter Leah

“I don’t like that he won’t let you see Leah. Who does that? He just wants to get under your skin,” Matt tells Amber. 

The Boston native sets up a meeting with Gary to hash out the baby daddy’s problems. Gare Bear actually looks pretty anxious, but the two bros work things out. Could Amber have actually found her perfect match? Hopefully, considering Matt sold the couch he was sleeping on and is officially moving in.

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