‘Temptation Island’ Recap: Are Shari and Javen Already Done?

Shari on Temptation Island
Shari on Temptation Island

Seeing other people! After saying goodbye to their significant others, these couples might not be technically single, but some of them were definitely ready to mingle on the Tuesday, January 22, episode of Temptation Island. While trying to find out if they had chemistry with any of the singles, some of the contestants were surprised by the answer to that question.

The First Dates

As if the idea of being around singles wasn’t stressful enough for the couples, it was time for the first dates of the season. That meant that the men each chose which single woman they wanted to go on a date with as their girlfriends looked on … and vice versa.

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The women and their dates went snorkeling, while the men rode ATVs with their chosen ladies. But that didn’t mean they weren’t feeling a little weird about spending this kind of time with someone other than their significant others, even though they did all seem to have fun — except for Shari.

“The last time I went on a first date was weight years ago so it’s a lot for me to take in,” Shari, who’s been dating Javen for more than eight years, said. “It’s definitely an awkward situation for me compared to the other girls.”

That awkwardness definitely seemed to come through, since Shari and her date James mostly sat in silence because of the guilt she was feeling by not being with Javen. Meanwhile, Javen’s date was going much better — but he still said it felt “scary” to have this much fun with someone other than Shari after his issues with infidelity in the past.

Evan in the Middle

Evan and his girlfriend, Kaci, seemed super solid when they arrived on the island, but already the temptation might be getting a little too real for half of this longtime couple. Although he’d chosen Brittney as his partner for the first date, he got closer with Katheryn over some drinks back at the guys’ house.

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In fact, Evan even ended up in the private confessional room with Katheryn, who wanted to know why he wasn’t showing more interest in her — you know, besides the fact that he’s in a serious relationship with Kaci. As if that situation wasn’t weird enough, Katheryn’s friend, Morgan, got angry that they were talking behind closed doors.

Temptation Island

The situation devolved into a massive screaming match in the middle of the night, and it pretty much ruined Brittney’s impression of Evan before they even had the chance to spend the day together. Better luck next time?

Roll the Tape

At the end of the day, the four men and four women were invited (separately) to a bonfire, where they were played clips of their significant others’ dates. Karl watched Nicole tell her date that she wasn’t sure if he was the best person out there for her to spend the rest of her life with, and John watched Kady tell her date that she wished John would be more manly and that she is concerned he wouldn’t be able to teach their children “manly” skills.

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When the women met up at the bonfire, it wasn’t any easier to watch their guys hanging out with other women … especially since Shari had to watch clips of Jaden getting close to Katheryn — yes, the same Katheryn who went into the confessional room with Evan on the same night.

Although the video didn’t show Javen doing anything particularly incriminating, it did involve him telling the camera, “It just happened, I’ve been drinking,” which was enough to send Shari down a spiral.

“The fact that he would just cross the line in that way is really hurtful,” Shari said. “We’re done. I feel empty right now. I’m done. I’m honestly done. If he participated in something, I’m done.”

What really happened between Javen and Katheryn, though? If anything? To be continued!

Temptation Island airs on USA Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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