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The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore Reveals Who He Wanted to Compete Against, Details His Relationships

Following the Tuesday, July 24, episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, Paul Calafiore joined the “Watch With Us” podcast to break down his first elimination round on the show. From the discussions not shown with Kyle Christie and what happened inside the Armageddon to his relationship with Cara Maria Sorbello and ex Danielle Maltby, he covered it all. Listen to the podcast in full above and get the highlights below.

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On which vote surprised him:
The only vote that I was really shocked at that voted for us was Kam [Williams] and Kayleigh [Morris],only because I had good relationships with those two, but I guess Kayleigh’s vendetta with Natalie Negrotti overcame that.

Paulie Calafiore The Challenge Rumors
Natalie Negrotti and Paulie Calafiore on ‘The Challenge.’ MTV

On who he would have picked:
That was fully Natalie’s choice. I actually said Joss Mooney and Sylvia Elsrodes names out loud and T.J. [Lavin] was about to call them down and Natalie stopped him and then argued with me back and forth as to why we shouldn’t go against them. The night before elimination, Joss and Sylvia got hammered because they thought they were 100 percent safe … the next morning, the morning of the elimination, which is when voting went down, they were sick. Doctors had to come in and check on them. That night, they were not ready to go at anyone. They’re a strong team so I saw an opportunity to take a shot at a strong team while they were weakened.

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On the issues with Kyle Christie:
They didn’t really show exactly how bad Kyle was being towards Cara in the first couple episodes, to the point where I had to have multiple conversations with him and pull him to the side and be like, “Kyle, I’m not trying to sleep with Cara. If you guys wanna get back together, get back together, but I’m gonna still be friendly with her the same way I’m gonna be friendly with you because I like you both as humans.”

Paulie Calafiore The Challenge Rumors
The Challenge contestants. MTV

On current status with Cara Maria:
I am not seeing anybody else personally but we have it, where we’re having fun. We want to be with each other. I don’t get jealous; you can talk to whoever you want, you can be out with whoever you want. I like to go out; there’s gonna be girls around me. I’m not an unsocial person. I’m like, “Just know that in the end of the day, I’m coming home to you if you’re there. If not, if you’re in Montana, I’m coming home and cuddling with my roommate Mike.”

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On terms with Danielle:
We’re on great terms. That’s the thing. We support each other. I know I crushed the girl and I feel horrible for it. She didn’t deserve that, she doesn’t deserve anything that’s going on now. She is an amazing woman. She deserves the world and she’s gonna get it one way or another. She’s perfect. She’s amazing. It’s a tough situation because I’m not ready to stop doing the shows at all and that’s not fair to somebody who wants a family and I support her and everything she does and she supports me in everything I do … Danielle could have easily slammed me [on social media] and she didn’t and that speaks a lot to her character.

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs on MTV Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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