The Circle’s Joey Sasso Details Miranda Relationship, What Wasn’t Shown On Screen and More

Taking Us behind the scenes! Joey Sasso, who won season 1 of The Circle on Netflix, joined this week’s “Watch With Us” podcast to answer every burning question. In addition to opening up about his relationship with Miranda Bissonnette, he also revealed what he did all day inside the apartment, how the cast went to and from the gym and more details.

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Read highlights from the interview below and listen to the full podcast available now on Spotify.

The Circle's Joey Sasso Details Miranda Relationship What Wasnt Shown and More
Joey Sasso. Mitch Jenkins/Netflix

On what happened with Miranda inside his apartment on the show:
“It was probably a minimum 20, maximum 30 minutes. I showed her all my [hair] products. They didn’t show that; I was so excited to show her all my products. … And then we were just talking about family, home life, situations like that. Then it was time for her to have to go and that’s where I’m like, ‘I’m just a dude who can’t stand regretting anything.’ I always put myself out there. I would have regretted that for the rest of the time.”

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On if they kissed more than once that day:
“What I could say is a gentleman never kisses and tells. This was a situation that clearly we were on camera and things just happen. I don’t know nothing about nothing.”

On if he took her out after he won:
“I can say yes, for sure.”

The Circle's Joey Sasso and Miranda
Joey Sasso and Miranda. Mitch Jenkins/Netflix

On what he watched on Netflix the one day they had access:
Friends. I can’t stand Friends. All I hear, when people meet me [is], ‘Oh, how you doin? Joey Tribbiani.’ And I’m like, ‘I have to watch this guy’s stupid face all day. I have better hair than him.’ I still like Jennifer Aniston. She’s gorgeous. But I did see the iconic scene — not going to lie, I teared up a little bit — when they kiss in the rain outside the story. Beautiful.”

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On how he didn’t run into or hear other cast members when going to the roof or the gym:

“I wish they showed this because I think fans would love it. You have to put on these big earmuffs so you don’t hear anything. … Sometimes it’d be like, you know the sleep blindfold thing? I’d be like, ‘Take my hand.'”

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