The Voice’s 10 Craziest Moments: Miley Cyrus Snipes ‘Class Your Ass’ at Blake Shelton After His Insult

It’s showtime! Over at The Voice on Tuesday, October 4, we got a look at the best of the blind auditions, along with some brand new behind-the-scenes action. Miley Cyrus‘ flapping tongue was out (surprise!), Blake Shelton got super competitive and Alicia Keys brought out the big fashion guns.

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We also got a sneak peek at some of the raging battles ahead. Bring on the duets!

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1. Miley’s tongue takes center stage. 

Yep, we’ve seen a LOT of Miley’s tongue over the years. Seems like it’s always poking out here and there, but she really took it to a new level when she licked her chair button. Anyone got a wet wipe? Sanitizer?

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2. Poor old Adam. 

Adam Levine got all pleased with the new coach situation, saying, “Now I feel like the testosterone levels are totally equalized with two guys and two girls.” Blake just couldn’t resist a smackdown. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Now there’s one guy and three girls.” And the drama continued later, when the country star told Adam, “You’re worthless. You’re just sitting there with your mouth open, and flies are flowing in and out of your mouth hole!”

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3. Blake wants to win badly. 

Four-time winner Blake admitted he was dead serious about snagging a fifth season. “Winning for me means nothing more than pointing at the other coaches and laughing right in their faces.” Nice. Alicia had her suspicions already, though. “I think he’s a little bit of a snake in the grass,” she said. Watch it, folks: Blake is on the attack. “I think they’re not expecting me to come out with all guns blazing,” he said.

4. Alicia and Miley’s tennis sandwich. 

Turns out sitting between Blake and Adam’s constant sniping and drama isn’t always the big ol’ blast it might seem. Alicia compared it to sitting at a tennis match, with your head constantly snapping back and forth between them, while Miley complained, “We got sandwiched!”

5. Miley bites back. 

Not exactly known for her quiet, subtle ways, Miley was all over Blake’s feisty mood backstage, while Adam could hardly get a word in. When she suggested, “Just point to yourself,” to win team recruits, Blake smirked at her obvious plan and told her, “That’s class.” Miley’s response? “Class your ass.”

6. … And Alicia was right behind her. 

Alicia wasn’t taking any of Blake’s nonsense, either. Listening to his ruthless instructions on how to be the best coach, she told him, “You’re just a mean, stone-cold killer.” Blake smiled, all pleased with himself. “You’ve got a job to do Alicia,” he said. Whoa! Get ready, coaches!

The Voice
‘The Voice’ Michael Muller/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

7. Finally. Adam speaks.

Adam came out of his silent shell at last when Blake stood up and did a weird bendy thing with his body. What the heck was it? Oh, right, it was his idea of doing “the wave.” Adam: “Does it feel good to just never do anything ever that’s interesting?” Yaaaas! Situation normal again.

8. Nervous Nelly (actually Miley).

With the battles coming up next week, the coaches were getting antsy. Alicia said things were getting “crazy emotional,” while Miley admitted, “It makes me nervous because you lose half of your artists. Things are about to get very real for me.”

9. Fantastic Four.

Luckily our coaches won’t be on their lonesome next week. We got a quick look at Miley’s mentor, Joan Jett; Adam’s, Sammy Hagar; Alicia’s, Charlie Puth; and Blake’s superhero, Bette Midler, who we saw making two contestants hold hands, so they’d sing better together! Awww, cute.

10. The Miley/Alicia style battle!

In the sneak peek at upcoming battles episodes, Alicia and Miley both brought their big fashion game. Miley was in head-to-toe shiny tangerine (soooo ’70s!), and Alicia was done up in twin braids, a funky headband and a jazzy jacket. Who will win that battle, we wonder?

Tell Us: Which team will prevail? Who do you want to see in the battles?

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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