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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Blames Stassi Schroeder for Drama; James Kennedy Begs for His Job

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Lisa VanderpumpTommy Garcia/Bravo

The fighting continues! On the Monday, December 26, episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder questioned her decision to invite Scheana Shay on her birthday getaway to the Hamptons. Meanwhile, James Kennedy made a return to Sur to beg Lisa Vanderpump for his job back.

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The Stassi Schroeder Effect

Stassi and Kristen Doute headed over to Katie Maloney’s apartment to help her assemble her custom wedding invitations. Katie excitedly showed her friends the printed tea towels that she ordered for $18.50 a pop. “That is so much money for a rag,” Stassi remarked.

As the girls put together the invitations, Stassi mentioned her upcoming birthday trip to Montauk. She claimed she didn’t know if Scheana was even going on the trip anymore, considering the explosive fight between Katie, Stassi and Scheana at Mike Shay and Brian Carter’s surprise party in last week’s episode.

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Scheana told her husband that she still planned to go on the Hamptons trip because if she didn’t, it would be the end of her friendship with Katie and Stassi. She blamed the constant arguing on Katie’s drinking problem.

But Lisa believed Stassi was the one responsible for driving a wedge between the girls. “I know Scheana loves you,” Lisa told Katie. “You’ve been getting along so well with her, and suddenly Stassi comes back into the picture …”

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Even Stassi’s 11-year-old brother, Nikolai, told his big sis that she needed to mind her own business and stay out of the drama. But Stassi refused to listen.

“Stassi, in my opinion, always makes things worse, not better,” Lisa concluded, encouraging Katie to reconsider her friendship with Stassi.

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Jax’s New Jugs

After years of taking bodybuilding supplements, Jax Taylor found himself dealing with excess breast tissue. He made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get his “man boobs” removed.

“I want to make this very clear that this is not a breast reduction,” Jax insisted. “A lot of men have this, especially a lot of bodybuilders.”

His girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, accompanied him to his surgery. “I feel like we’re here every day,” Jax joked as he and Brittany sat in the waiting room. “We had my nose job. We had your boob job. Then I had to redo my nose job because I walked into a wall. I feel like I get one of those punch cards. You know, five surgeries, and get the sixth one free!”

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Brittany was there to take care of Jax post-surgery, but Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval also offered their support. The boys brought Jax a few gifts, including a new Hooters T-shirt, a tank top with a supportive built-in bra and a service bell for Jax to “alert” Brittany whenever he needed assistance (much to Brittany’s amusement).

“He’s a little grumpy. He’s really needy. He’s constantly asking me for food,” Brittany rattled off before adding, “So pretty much he’s exactly the same.”

Party Time?

After weeks of anticipation, Ariana Madix’s birthday finally arrived. To celebrate, she put together a trip to wine country and a Nascar race: a no-frills birthday bash to rival Stassi’s Hamptons soiree. Ariana decided to include Jax and Lala Kent in her birthday plans, despite their obvious dislike for each other. Jax wasn’t happy about Lala’s invite, but Lala made it very clear that she was excited to attend Ariana’s birthday party this year.

“I’m just trying to slowly work my way in and show that I’m not that bad,” Lala explained. But when it came time to leave for the trip, Lala was a no-show. The crew boarded the plane to Sonoma, sans a certain Sur hostess.

Jax prepares for his surgery. Bravo

James’ Pitiful Plea

Earlier that week, Lala met up with James at his new DJing gig. She noted how much better he seemed to be doing, and James told her he was nine days sober. But right on cue, James started gulping down cough medicine.

“Just because James isn’t throwing back shots of tequila, it doesn’t mean he’s sober,” Lala remarked. “I mean, if you’re chugging the ‘poor man’s sizzurp,’ you’re still getting f–ked up.”

James revealed that he wanted to convince Lisa to give him his job back. The rest of the crew was skeptical, but James stopped by Sur for a sit-down meeting with his former boss.

But Lisa wasn’t having it. “You were an arrogant little punk,” Lisa told him. “And look at me. Do I look like somebody who employs an arrogant little punk?”

James (unwisely) reminded Lisa that Jax was just as bad. Lisa admitted that Jax’s behavior was far from exemplary, but she pointed out that Jax at least always remained professional at work. James responded by calling Lisa a liar, which nearly made the Real Housewives star explode. She told James to seriously consider a different career path.

“James is gone,” Lisa stood firm.

Tell Us: Should Lisa ever consider rehiring James?

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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