‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Scheana Shay’s Marriage Crumbles, Jax Taylor Called Out for Kissing a Guy

The jokes are on Jax! On the Monday, January 23, episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute hosted a roast for Jax Taylor. The crew served up their best burns and roasted Jax for his questionable past — all in front of his girlfriend’s mother.

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Tom Throws a Fund-Rager

Instead of throwing the standard club banger for his 33rd birthday, Tom Sandoval hosted a “fund-rager” at an L.A. sports bar.

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“For my birthday, I’m not just having a rager,” Tom explained. “I’m doing a fund-rager.” Tom wanted to raise at least $5,000 for Project Elev8, an organization that works to provide education for children in Haiti.

To prepare for his big event, Tom had his “braid guy” (yes, some poor man out there literally works as Tom Sandoval’s professional hair braider) make a home visit. Ariana Madix sat with Tom as he got his hair braided, and the couple chatted away about the upcoming party. Tom warned Ariana that he invited Stassi Schroeder to the fund-rager, even though Ariana had gone off on her at Katie Maloney’s bridal shower. But Ariana was willing to put aside their differences in the name of charity.

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Scheana Shay, on the other hand, decided to take her pettiness to new lows at Tom’s party, when she confronted James Kennedy about his cheating ways — right in front of his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. “I’m glad to see you guys are still together, considering …” remarked Scheana as her voice trailed off.

“Considering what?” James demanded. Scheana reminded the DJ that there was a rumor going around Sur that James had cheated on Raquel with another staff member. But James simply blamed the rumor on “DJ groupies” lying for attention.

Raquel reassured Scheana that she knew about the rumor and made it very clear that she believed James. “Kudos to James,” a bewildered Scheana said. “He found the one beautiful, dumb as f–k girl to believe all of his lies.”

The Roast of Jax Taylor

The birthday celebrations continued as Jax rang in the big 3-7. In lieu of a party, Kristen volunteered to host a roast for Jax.

“It’s actually brave of Kristen to want to host this roast where everyone’s going to talk about all the horrible things Jax has done,” Ariana noted. “Half the horrible things that he’s done have been with Kristen!”

As Jax’s luck would have it, Brittany Cartright’s mother happened to be in town — and Kristen invited his (maybe) future mother-in-law to the shindig. Before heading to the roast, Jax tried to warn Brittany’s mom about his former bad-boy ways.

“We all have a little past,” Jax insisted. “Mine is just a lot worse than some people’s. I mean, I didn’t kill anybody!” However, Brittany was totally game for the roast — until she received a text from Scheana.

“Scheana just texted me saying that Tom Sandoval is going to bring up the stuff that Jax was saying about me and you,” Brittany told Kristen, referring to the rumor Jax once spread about the girls’ supposed hook-up. Brittany eyed her mom, unsure about how her wholesome, Kentucky-raised Christian mother would take an explicit sex joke about her daughter.

As expected, Tom stayed true to his promise. “Well, if you pleased your girl, she definitely wouldn’t have had to jump in bed with Kristen,” Tom roasted Jax. But oddly enough, Brittany’s mom was more offended about a joke that suggested Jax may have kissed a man.

“Kissing a guy?” Brittany’s mom repeated. “That was the most offensive to me, the homosexual thing.” She told Jax that she wanted to have a word with him when they returned home.

Fortunately, the mood was lightened by Lisa Vanderpump, who dished out her Jax insults via video message. “I hope in the future you spend more time behind my bar than you do behind bars,” Lisa burned him. “Happy birthday, Jax.”

Katie reacts to all the different varieties of medical marijuana.

Marijuana Defeats Tequila Katie

Only a few weeks before their wedding day, Katie and Tom Schwartz got into a full-blown argument at the paint store that resulted in Schwartz calling Katie a “bitch.” Appalled, Katie stormed out of the store and hopped into her car. She drove the vehicle home without Tom. 

“You can just call an Uber,” Katie yelled out the window as she peeled off. “If I’m such a bitch, then I’ll be a bitch.”

But only a few hours later, Schwartz and Katie were completely fine. Although Schwartz was able to brush off the fight as just another “casual Thursday,” Lisa was over the couple’s constant bickering. “You’re getting married in a few weeks, for God’s sake!” Lisa cried.

Desperate to find a way to calm her temper without turning to alcohol, Katie sought a medical marijuana card. She and Stassi went to a nearby dispensary to find some goodies to help her mellow out, and Tequila Katie finally met her match.

Stassi is annoyed that Scheana keeps mentioning how much Katie and Tom’s wedding is costing her.

Scheana’s Bridesmaid Faux Pas

Scheana’s rocky friendships continued spiraling out of control. She revealed to Ariana that she feels like she doesn’t have a voice among her friends, and now she feared that her marriage with Michael Shay was starting to take a turn for the worst.

“I’ve been feeling really lonely lately, because everything with Shay and I is so good, but he’s not around as much,” she sobbed. The next day at work, Scheana decided to tell bride-to-be Katie that she felt ignored by the rest of their friends. She then started venting about the cost of being a bridesmaid, much to Katie’s surprise.

“I just feel it’s very tacky,” Katie told cameras after Scheana revealed the price tag of her bridal shower. Katie told Stassi that Scheana complained about paying for the bridal shower, which catapulted Stassi’s frustration with Scheana to the next level.

“Scheana, were you raised by wolves?” Stassi barked at the cameras. “Now I’m enraged.”

Tell Us: Should Scheana have kept the cost of Katie’s bridal shower to herself?

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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