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Us Imagines What Katie Holmes Is Missing in the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Group Chat

Us Imagines What Katie Holmes Is Missing in the 'Dawson's Creek' Group Chat
The cast of Dawson’s Creek

Here at Us, we were shocked to hear that Joey Potter — basically the main protagonist of Dawson’s Creek, despite the show’s name – is not in the group chat. So, we decided to fix it.

In an interview with The Times, Katie Holmes was asked about the existence of a Dawson’s alumni group chat — something her former costar (and on/off onscreen love interest) Joshua Jackson, 46, mentioned in an interview with the same publication last year. “It really centers around, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe that we all went through that thing together,’” he said. “It’s obviously such a formative point in all of our lives.”

“Really?” said a surprised Holmes, 45, when asked about the chat. “All of us text every now and then, but I wasn’t aware of the WhatsApp. But you know what? I’m really bad at WhatsApp. I never check it because it’s a little too much.”

When a bad case of FOMO kicks in, it’s always better to style it out and say you weren’t bothered in the first place. But in Holmes’s case, we kind of believe it — if anyone from the Dawson’s cast was going to be a late adopter, it’s little Joey Potter, the girl from the wrong side of the Creek with the big heart and an even bigger vocabulary.

When it comes to technology, a lot has changed for teenagers (OK, 25 year olds pretending to be teenagers) since Dawson’s Creek came to our screens back in 1998. Back then, you would have to row a boat across a picturesque body of water to speak to your love interest, now you can just hit them up with a smoldering selfie. Plus, there’s no way Dawson would need to spend weeks lugging cumbersome filming equipment around Capeside in his bid to become the next Spielberg; he’d just have his own YouTube channel (even if his proud parents are the only subscribers… ).

So, as big fans of the show (yes, still!) it did get Us thinking about what that Dawson’s Creek group chat might be like — especially if Joey Potter did have access after all …

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Pacey (Joshua Jackson)

Most likely to say: “Woah, sorry about the photo guys, wrong chat. Looks good though, right?”

Least likely to say: “Is it cool if I invite Deputy Doug to join too? He’s a great guy!”

Most used emojis: 🤡 🍆 👨🏻‍🍳

Joey (Katie Holmes)

Most likely to say: “Dawson, I love you immeasurably but I’d really prefer to talk about this in private, I just feel deeply that this is an inappropriate topic to discuss on the group chat in front of all our friends (and Jen).”

Least likely to say: “Oh hey Jen, great to see you here, shall we hang out later?”

Most used emojis: As if little Joey Potter’s extremely deep feelings could be summed up by a mere emoji. This girl’s texts require the “see more” button.

Dawson (James Van Der Beek)

Most likely to say: Dawson Leery is recording audio… (until he gets cut off after 30 minutes).

Least likely to say: “Sure, I’m chill!”

Most used emojis: 😩 🎥 💔

Jen (Michelle Williams)

Most likely to say: Jen Lindley has left the chat.

Least likely to say: “Is it OK if I bring along Abby Morgan and a little bottle of something?”

Most used emojis: 🙄 🌃 🍷

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Grams (Mary Beth Peil)

Most likely to say: “Jennifer Lindley, what in our good Lord’s name are you doing online at 11:24 p.m.? You have a screen ban for the rest of the week.”

Least likely to say: “It’s important to live and let live (unless we’re a few seasons in, when I will have miraculously transformed from a mean bigot to a true ally and safe haven for all of Capeside/Boston).”

Most used emojis: 😡 👼 🌈

Audrey (Busy Philipps)

Most likely to say: INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE MEME (or cute animal gif).

Least likely to say: “You know what guys, I’m just going to stay in tonight, I’m wiped out.”

Most used emojis: 💃 🤳🏼 💅

Gail (Mary-Margaret Humes)

Most likely to say: “Dawson honey, I’ll be home late, I have to run over some scripts with Bob. So boring!”

Least likely to say: “My sex drive just isn’t what it used to be.”

Most used emojis: 💇‍♀️ 💋 🎤

Mitch (Josh Wesley Shipp)

Most likely to say: “Shall I pick up some milk on the way home, honey?”

Least likely to say: “As someone who knows a lot about running a restaurant…”

Most used emojis: 💪 🏈 🍦

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