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Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign 836
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Whether you enjoy feeling cozy on the streets of Stars Hollow or in the hallowed halls of Yale University, viewers can always find themselves reflected in the Gilmore Girls universe. Figuring out if you are a Lorelai, Rory or Emily — or someone else entirely — is part of the fun when it comes to this nostalgic classic, and Us has made it even easier by breaking down which character you relate to most based on your zodiac sign.

Premiering on The WB in 2000, Gilmore Girls centers on young single mom Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) as she makes a life for herself and her daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), in a storybook Connecticut town filled with an eclectic mix of dreams, artists and everyday folk. The show follows Lorelai and Rory as they grow up, fall in love and rebuild their relationships with Lorelai’s estranged parents, Emily (Kelly Bishop) and Richard (Edward Herrmann).

The series, created by Amy Sherman Palladino and Dan Palladino, ran for seven seasons before it’s 2007 cancellation. It returned in 2016 for a four-part Netflix revival titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Even more than 20 years after its premiere, Gilmore Girls remains the ultimate comfort watch — and a place that promises if you lead, it will follow.

Keep scrolling to see which beloved Gilmore Girls character you are, based on your zodiac sign:

Gilmore Girls Then and Now

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Aquarius: Logan Huntzberger 

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Logan (Matt Czuchry) 805 827
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Known as highly intelligent and witty but hard to pin down, Logan (Matt Czuchry) is the perfect Aquarius personification in the Gilmore Girls universe. He and Rory notoriously loved to intellectually spar before she fell for him. However, unlike her other love interests, Logan was hesitant to commit and the pair had an ongoing back and forth before settling into a monogamous relationship. Once they got together, Logan was fiercely protective of Rory, despite his family thinking she wasn’t good enough for them — another perfect example of this air sign.

Also in true Aquarius fashion, Logan had his entire life lined up for him but pushed back against working for his father in pursuit of a different lifestyle, often acting out and rebelling in order to prove a point.

Pisces: Lane Kim 

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Lane (Keiko Agena) 806 826
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Lane (Keiko Agena) was creative and passionate from the get go with her music. She also extremely loving and kind to those close to her and was always eager to lend an empathetic ear when Rory needed a friend. That’s a Pisces if we’ve ever seen one.

Aries:  Paris Gellar

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Paris (Liza Weil) 830
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

No one was more energetic or competitive than Paris (Liza Weil). A natural-born leader — school president, remember?  — Paris knew what she wanted and was willing to do anything to get it. She was highly-focused and didn’t depend on anyone for her success even when it got her in trouble, like when the Yale paper almost folded under her rule.

She was also entirely unafraid of conflict, and while she could have used some help in the subtly department, being direct is just a part of the Aries nature. She was a great foil to Rory’s equally intelligent but much softer, subdued character and we love her for that.

Taurus: Luke Danes 

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Luke (Scott Patterson) 829
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Taurus signs are notoriously hard workers known for valuing stability and consistency. Who is more stable and consistent than Luke (Scott Patterson)? First, he stayed in Stars Hollow his entire life to take over his father’s business and turn it into a successful diner. Second, Lorelai knew Luke was the guy she could always count on to be there — both physically every morning with her coffee and emotionally as a shoulder to lean on.

Luke was also entirely set in his ways, but watching Lorelai try and bring new experiences into his life, whether it be through music, movies or something else, was part of the fun. The duo were opposites, with Lorelai often animated and sporadic as Luke remained calm and steady.

Not that Luke was above acting out — he did get arrested outside his ex-wife’s house and hunted Christopher down to punch him in the face, after all. Taurus’ do tend to get agitated and cranky when pushed too far, but to be honest, we don’t blame him for either of those things.

Gemini: Christopher Hayden

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Christopher (David Sutcliffe) 821
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

It isn’t exactly a secret that Christopher (David Sutcliffe) is a polarizing figure in the Gilmore Girls universe. While he and Lorelai certainly knew how to have fun together, he was often flaky and tended not to fulfill his promises. We’re definitely not defending Christopher, but we are offering up the explanation that perhaps he was just a misunderstood Gemini.

Caught between a life with Lorelai and the one his parents wanted for him, Christopher was able to move through both worlds with relative versatility, even if that sometimes made him a coward. His ever-changing careers and interests, inability to make important life choices and inconsistency in Lorelai and Rory’s life are also signs he was an under evolved Gemini.

Gemini’s are great people. They are outgoing, inquisitive, agile, charming, funny, sociable and entertaining. Christopher could be all those things when he wanted to be, he just needed to grow up a little.

Cancer: Dean Forester 

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Dean (Jared Padalecki) 822
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Dean, Dean, Dean. A true embodiment of a Cancer. With the face of Jared Padalecki and his nurturing, loving approach to his relationship with Rory, Dean started off as a true contender for Rory’s heart. However, over time, his controlling behavior and desire to make Rory into something she wasn’t became too overbearing.

Dean also loved the idea of a traditional home that provided comfort. That became a sticking point with Rory, and the two would often get into spats over their different worldviews (remember the Donna Reed episode?). That desire for a nuclear family and comfortability in a relationship led Dean to marrying Lindsay (Ariel Kebbel) way too young when he was still grappling with his love for Rory.

Rory wasn’t perfect to Dean, either. She clearly had feelings for Jess — and even kissed him — while dating Dean. As Dean recognized during their breakup, he was blind to their issues (a real Cancer thing to do), causing him to stay too attached even after things between them were clearly over.

Leo: Emily Gilmore

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Emily (Kelly Bishop) 823
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Leos are known for being generous with their time, energy, respect and money — which is Emily Gilmore to a tee. Despite her tense relationship with Lorelai, Emily was always willing to show up for both her and Rory, whether it be paying for Rory’s education, helping out with a termite problem or telling Christopher to “leave, now.” She was fiercely protective of her loved ones despite being hard on them at times, constantly involved in multiple projects for the DAR and thrived over being recognized and appreciated in high society. She is a Leo, through and through.

Virgo: Rory Gilmore

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Rory (Alexis Bledel) 832
The WB/Patrick Ecclesine

Rory Gilmore is the type of perfectionist who would dedicate two weeks to studying for one test because she got a D on a paper. Forever detail-oriented with her pros and cons lists and daily journal entries, Rory had a systematic approach to life, which is a major feature of the Virgo personality.

Rory also rarely gave up easily. She was determined to fight her way through Chilton, despite being told she might not survive and was laser-focused on getting into Harvard (and later, Yale).

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And yeah, OK, her decision to drop out of college after one comment made by Logan’s father (Gregg Henry) about her journalistic skills was definitely out of character, but we’ll let that slide because she eventually returned to Yale and became the editor of the paper — saving it from ruin after Paris’ meltdown — and got herself back on track. (Seriously though, Rory, that whole boat thing was kind of crazy.)

As far as romance goes, Virgos like to have multiple romantic contenders, which lines up with Rory’s Dean, Jess and Logan rotation. And while it can be hard for them to commit — Rory both cheated on and with Dean, don’t forget — they don’t give up easily at first signs of conflict (I think we can all agree Rory’s denial over her feelings for Jess was exhausting). They also expect effort to be put into their relationships, which could be why Rory felt compelled to leave that message on Jess’ answering machine about not wanting to stay home and clean her keyboard.

Libra: Lorelai Gilmore

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Lorelai (Lauren Graham) 828
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Charismatic, persuasive and often uses her charm to resolve conflicts in social situations — is that not Lorelai Gilmore in a nutshell? Lorelai was always the most magnetic person in the room and beloved by (almost) all who had the chance to meet her. Working her wiles to get what she wanted was a common occurrence, as it is with many Libras, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t work hard for everything she had.

Despite all her incredible qualities, Lorelai wasn’t perfect either; she was sensitive and often took criticism too personally — especially from her family — and would push back if she felt her integrity was threatened. She was also often indecisive, especially when it came to romantic relationships (until Luke, of course), which are all Libra qualities as well.

Scorpio: Jess Mariano

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) 824
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

It’s undeniable that Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) had a certain magnetic draw, which is why none of us blamed Rory for falling for him. Intense, dark and brooding, Jess exhibited all the elements of Scorpio behavior. He was also incredibly resourceful, finding his own way to success without following the typical path, willing to sleep in freezing cold cars and share apartments with 10 roommates to make it work.

Jess, however, was also secretive; he struggled to communicate how he was feeling or what was going on in his life, which ultimately led to his break up with Rory. He also was very locked into his belief system and it took him a long time before he accepted Luke’s advice and help. Once he did, however, his driven nature helped him thrive.

Sagittarius: Sookie St. James

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Melissa McCarthy 837
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) may not seem like the most obvious Sagittarius sun sign, but if you think about her fiery passion, enthusiasm and vigor for cooking, doesn’t it make sense? Sags are also known to be hilariously unreserved — which was totally Sookie’s demeanor in the kitchen — and unbelievably talented at whatever they set their mind to. (She’s the best chef after Alain Ducasse! She knew the risotto was great, it just needed the right wine!)

In their personal lives, Sags are the best friends to those who love them, and we’re sure Lorelai would agree that’s who Sookie is. Sags love to bring out the best in others and support their dreams, and Sookie was always willing to do anything to help her BFF — even if it meant selling her own car to pay for Rory’s tuition.

Sags can also be impulsive and reckless, which definitely didn’t always work out for Sookie and her endless kitchen-related injuries.

Capricorn: Richard Gilmore

Which Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign Richard (Edward Hermann 831
The CW Television Network, The WB Television Network

Pragmatic and of the highest integrity, Richard Gilmore was a proud man who was driven by reasonable, logical actions in both his business and personal life. While his focus on success could make him seem cold or unemotional at times, he was also animated and passionate when it came to the things he loved like Rory, Yale, college football and insurance. A total Capricorn, basically.

Capricorns are also very drawn to romantic partners who are rational, organized and also ambitious — three qualities anyone would use to describe Emily. No wonder they made such a great pair.

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