Birthday Cake Cool Whip Has Hit Stores and Consumers Love It: ‘Hello My New Treat’

Birthday Cake Cool Whip Has Hit Stores and Consumers Love It: ‘Hello My New Treat’
Kraft-Heinz’s new Birthday Cake Cool Whip. Courtesy of Kraft-Heinz

The dessert we didn’t know we needed has officially arrived! Birthday Cake Cool Whip has been spotted at Schnucks, a chain of grocery stores throughout the midwest, and social media users are properly freaking out.

Instagrammer @thejunkgoat was one of the first people to stumble upon this new delicacy at his local Schnucks on Sunday, April 7, and apparently it’s as delicious as you would expect it to be. “Plz run to your local stores and hunt for this!” he wrote alongside one photo of the treat, which comes in a bright pink container decorated with cake. “This is 10/10.”

In a followup post, @thejunkgoat opened the Cool Whip container to reveal a pale pink substance dotted with rainbow sprinkles. “This is what the birthday cake cool whip looks like!” he wrote. “Not as pretty as you would think but it’s not slacking on the flavor! Well done @coolwhip.”

As if you needed another reason to give this delectable dessert a try, one two-tablespoon serving of the sweet stuff is just 25 calories.

Though Kraft-Heinz, the maker of Cool Whip, has yet to officially confirm the Birthday Cake flavor’s existence, it didn’t take long before other social media users caught wind of the new release and shared their thoughts, which were overwhelmingly positive.

“Hello my new treat for Lunch/Dessert/Snack/Dinner/Midnight Snack/Because it’s raining/Because it’s sunny,” mused one Twitter user. Added another: “This is a game changer!!!”

And while the original version of Cool Whip is traditionally used to complement other desserts, such as cake or pie, this is hardly the first time Kraft-Heinz has attempted to make the topper part of the main event. The brand released an Oreo flavor in 2018, and a Double Chocolate Brownie variety is also available.

Believe it or not, this expansion of the Cool Whip family has managed to irk some consumers. “Birthday cake-flavored Cool Whip now exists. They also released an Oreo version last year, and another one that tastes like brownies,” tweeted one naysayer. “NO. NO. NO. Just make regular Cool Whip. I will put it on birthday cake.”

Still, the feedback for Birthday Cake Cool Whip has been overwhelmingly positive. Scroll down for some additional reactions:

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