Mindy Kaling Celebrates National Oreo Day With a Taste Test (Sort of) Featuring Daughter Kit

Mindy Kaling Courtesy of Mindy Kaling/Instagram

Mindy Kaling knows how to celebrate the important occasions in life, like National Oreo Day! The Mindy Project creator marked the holiday, which fell on Wednesday, March 6, with an epic Oreo taste test that just so happened to feature an adorable appearance from her 15-month-old daughter, Katherine (A.K.A. Kit). Well, sort of.

“Hey guys, it’s National Oreo Day, which you may or may not have heard about,” the 39-year-old said on her Instagram Stories as Kit, who was off camera, let out a squeal of delight. “My daughter is very excited about it. I’m not sponsored by Oreos, but I love them, and I thought I would do a taste test because there is so many different kinds.”

“Happy #NationalOreoDay from Kit & I,” Kaling wrote at the bottom of her story.

However, the star paused her taste test before it could even get going after there was a bunch of noise in the background. “My daughter is obsessed with kitchen utensils so we just got her a mini pot and pan set and I didn’t realize, ‘Oh that means that she’ll be really loud,’ so you might hear that,” Kaling explained with a laugh. “It’s just my life.”

“True life! I’m a mom!” she wrote.

Mindy Kaling Courtesy of Mindy Kaling/Instagram

With a stack of cookie packages and a Cookie Monster mug at her side, the Ocean’s 8 actress was finally able to embark on her Oreo adventure. Before biting into one of the flavored confections, however, Kaling made it clear she’s not one of those people who eats an Oreo by opening up the cookie and licking the creme filling. “It’s too sensual for me,” she noted. “No thank you.”

First up? Birthday Cake Oreos. These celebratory cookies with a “pungent smell” earned a 3/10 from the Office alum, who called the treat “good,” but wasn’t a fan of the “super sweet” filling loaded with colorful sprinkles.

As Kit laughed in the background, Kaling took on her next cookie: Mint Oreos. Despite prefacing her first bite by saying that she’s “not the biggest mint head,” the cookies pleasantly surprised the Champions creator. “This is like Thin Mint vibes,” she said, giving the flavor a 5/10. “Girl Scouts: This cookie is coming for you.”

Lemon, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and Red Velvet Oreos followed before Kaling got to her favorite cookie of the bunch: the Most Stuf Oreo. The treat, which debuted in January, was recommended to the Massachusetts native by her good pal and former flame, B.J. Novak. “[He] was the one that told me about these and I didn’t believe him,” the upcoming star of Late Night explained. “And if you go to the grocery store you actually can’t find them. I could only find these online, so I had to order these online for this very taste test.”

Though Kaling was unsure if the extra effort was worth it, she was quick to appreciate the extra-filled confection, which boasts more than three times the creme found in a classic Oreo. “Oh, my God,” she said after taking a bite. “This is so good. It’s like creme with a hint of cookie, which is exactly how I like my cookies.”

The Most Stuf Oreo won the taste test a 10/10 from Kaling, who has clearly found her new favorite sweet treat. “That was really fun and I think a good use of time,” she concluded. “Hope you enjoyed this taste test. I thought it was essential if you’re a cookie head like me.”

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