Oscar Mayer’s Hot Dog Ice Cream Features Candied Meat Pieces: Here’s How You Can Try It

Oscar Mayer’s Hot Dog Ice Cream Oscar Mayer

Another day, another bizarre ice cream flavor! Just days after French’s and Coolhaus teamed up to release a mustard-flavored ice cream (which we tried), Oscar Mayer is upping the ante. In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on Friday, August 2, the brand has created hot dog ice cream.

More specifically, the Wisconsin-based company has produced a frozen treat it is calling the Ice Dog Sandwich. As you may have guessed, the interestingly flavored ice cream is featured in the layered dessert, but that’s not all.

Oscar Mayer's Hot Dog Ice Cream
Oscar Mayer’s Hot Dog Ice Cream Oscar Mayer

The Ice Dog Sandwich contains hot dog sweet cream ice cream with candied hot dog bits paired alongside bright yellow spicy dijon gelato. The two never-before-eaten flavors are then held together with cookie buns. To create these new flavors and translate the experience of eating an Oscar Mayer hot dog in frozen form, the brand partnered with New York City’s imaginative hand-made ice cream company, il laboratorio del gelato.

As the Oscar Mayer Twitter account shared on Thursday, August 1: “Who eats just mustard @Frenchs? Condiments were made for Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Say hello to the Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich – hot dog-flavored ice cream, made with our better hot dogs, sandwiched with spicy mustard ice cream.”

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users weren’t exactly psyched to give this new food item a try. “I’m offended this exists,” wrote one. Added another: “This might be the worst idea in the history of ideas.”

Still, some more adventurous eaters were intrigued. One simply tweeted, “Yes,” while another declared, “Let’s do this.”

Oscar Mayer

Eager to try an Ice Dog Sandwich for yourself? Starting on Monday, August 12, Oscar Mayer’s iconic Wienermobile will be touring the Manhattan area outfitted as a traditional ice cream truck. The Hotdoggers ( a.k.a. drivers of the 27-foot hot dog on wheels) will be passing out samples of the Ice Dog Sandwich for interested parties to try.

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