Tide or Franzia? People Think New Detergent Dispenser Looks Like Boxed Wine

Tide or Franzia? People Think New Detergent Dispenser Looks Like Boxed Wine
Tide’s new boxed detergent. Procter & Gamble

Tide, is that you? Procter & Gamble, the makers of the popular laundry detergent, unveiled a new eco-friendly box for the cleaning product on Friday, November 9, and hordes of social media users are comparing the updated design to boxed wine.

The new cardboard container features a twist-to-open spigot and is designed to reduce the environmental impact detergent packaging can have on the planet while also making online deliveries easier. In fact, according to CNN, the new vessel, which is known as the Tide Eco-Box, uses 60 percent less plastic than shipping a bottle of detergent and will cost less overall to ship because it weighs less and takes up a smaller space in a delivery truck.

Still, the similarities to boxed wine are hard to ignore, especially since Tide has had issues with people ingesting its laundry pods in the past. “We all know laundry detergent is for cleaning clothes. To be sure people know this is detergent, we put a large picture of our Tide bottle on the side of the box,” Procter & Gamble told Buzzfeed News when asked about concerns that consumers might be tempted to take a swig from the new box. “Whether your Tide comes in a box or a bottle, it should be stored up and away, out of the reach of children.”

Tide or Franzia? People Think New Detergent Dispenser Looks Like Boxed Wine
Franzia Boxed Wine Franzia

Even though the Tide Eco-Box hasn’t formally joined the detergent brand’s lineup just yet – it’s expected to be available on Amazon, Walmart’s website and other P&G retail partners’ sites starting in January – that hasn’t stopped social media users from sharing tons of clever tweets about the new container.

As one person tweeted, “You guys … you guys know people ate the pods, right?” Check out some of the funniest reactions below:

Tell Us: Do you think the Tide Eco-Box looks like boxed wine?

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